Jan 192015

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Mar 312015

Minimize torpedo damageTo minimize torpedo damage, we need to think on how torpedoes are best used. Torpedoes are the deadliest weapons at close range and can easily turn the tide of an engagement if used correctly. However I’ve seen plenty of players unable to dodge torpedoes they should be able to dodge because of poor planning, lack of situational awareness, or a confusion on what to do. Continue reading »

Mar 302015

Diablo 3 Greater Rift Pushing GuideIt is my hope that the Diablo 3 Greater Rift Pushing Guide will help players min-max and push for their attempts to get on the leaderboard. It was written together with the help of the people listed at the end of this guide. Everyone contributing to this Diablo 3 Greater Rift Pushing Guide has been on leaderboards for season 1 and 2 even as high at top 100 at the end of season 1.  We plan to help you understand the difference between bad rifts and good ones plus teach you how to understand gear choices so you can replace pieces based on what you need and not what the top player did. Continue reading »

Mar 292015

Decrease RenderingWhy would you Decrease Rendering in WoW? There was a time when I played World of Warcraft religiously, I even had dreams about being in the game. I played through to Wrath of the Lich King. But then something happened. While waiting for the next expansion, I fell in love with Minecraft. I played this game, dreamed in blocks and even low end graphix…. Well as I found out, its actually possible to Decrease Rendering in WoW, bringing back some of those yearnings of yesteryear… Continue reading »

Mar 292015

Yatas & Bears Breeding GuideThis Yatas & Bears Breeding Guide is intended to teach you my way of breeding. There are many misconceptions on the correct way to breed with a lot of information all over the place. The method I have been using has gained me 5 Striped Yata Calfs, 3 Palomino Yata Calfs and a Black Yata. I can’t say if it’s the best way, but it works for me quite well. Continue reading »

Mar 242015

Earn Money AFKI have featured some ways in the past on how to make money, either through surveys or other means, but today I came across a rather unique way to Earn Money AFK. This way is very simple, and only requires that you take a few simple steps, after which you will be able to Earn Money AFK. It’s so easy, that I run my computer at night and just collect once a month, which allows me to pay for all my gaming needs. I made $47.60 on my FIRST day, with this Earn Money AFK moneymaking system! Continue reading »

Mar 212015

For some odd reason, Blizzard decided you shouldn’t have Full Screen Windowed Mode in Hearthstone anymore. If you liked having it, then you can edit the command line argument in the game settings, which will allow you to once again enter into Full Screen Windowed Mode. See image below for instructions… Continue reading »

Mar 192015

Lordaeron Arena Map trickIf you PvP in Arenas, then you are going to love this Lordaeron Arena Map trick. There is a secret spot on the map which will allow you to teleport within the map, which in turn allows you to kite your enemies or to trick them into separating from their fellows. The Ruins of Lordaeron is actually part of the Undercity and was first introduced way back in patch 2.1. You can find out more about this Lordaeron arena map, here. Continue reading »

Mar 182015

Stealing Crafting Materials in Elder Scrolls Online, is fairly easy with the introduction of the new Justice System. Utilizing this new Justice System, allows us to steal items and then to use them to break them down with deconstruction, for the parts we need for crafting. Continue reading »

Mar 152015

Zero RBG Arena LossesHow to achieve Zero RBG Arena Losses to gain rank quickly is very possible, but may look a little suspicious. Why would it look suspicious? Because you suddenly go from a win loss of whatever you normally do, maybe win 46% or less, to winning 100%. The way that we do this Zero RBG Arena Losses trick, is most definitely an exploit of the game, but not something that Blizzard is going to easily be able to fix in World of Warcraft. 

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