Jan 192015

It’s supremely easy to gain access to all the VIP Content at MMOExploiters.com, including to our new ForumsAccess All VIP Content Free. We have 2 ways to become a VIP member. The first and easiest, is to purchase a subscription. When you purchase a subscription, you get access to everything for as long as you want to pay, for a low price of only $10 a month – cancel at any time. We also offer a Moneyback Guarantee.

If money is a problem, but you still want to gain access to all the VIP Content at MMOExploiters, then you can submit an article. If we use the article, and it wasn’t copied from another website, we will give you free access. The time allowed, depends on how juicy the content is, but it could be from anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 months free!

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Apr 262015

Simple Attack BotThis Simple Attack Bot, is a script written in AutoIt (v3), which can do some basic functions. It will allow you to cast upto 10 different spells at various times, setup buffing, as well as attacking and target acquiring. It will auto detect when your health or mana is low, and also spin to acquire new targets. This is a stationary bot, but could probably be used as a follow bot as well.

Please note, this Simple Attack Bot is only code and should be compiled to run. All credit goes to the original author. If you want to change the code, please leave a comment stating what you have changed and why, so we can compile a better bot, which can be used across all games. If you make a change for a specific game, let us know what you did as well.

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Apr 252015

Forge Obsidian WeaponsTo Forge Obsidian Weapons, you need to first gather the materials and know a little bit about the actual process. Use this simple guide to help you to Forge Obsidian Weapons.

Excerpt from Secrets of Ayanad Spotlight

It has been discovered that Anthalon, Lord of the Crimson Army, manipulates his most deadly minions with the strength of empowered obsidian. This ancient material corrupts the weak-willed and unwary – do you have what it takes to forge weapons of ultimate authority and crush this source of evil with the very power it wields?

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Apr 242015

Goblin Hot Potato Exploration TrickThe Goblin Hot Potato Exploration Trick, will allow you to bypass the debuff, thus allowing you to use a Goblin Glider to move where you wouldn’t normally be able to. The Goblin Hot Potato from the Steamwheedle Preservation Society is like any other item you can throw to players, but it has a catch to it. That catch is that it will randomly explode sometimes on use and throw you in the air at different heights with a debuff that lasts either 7sec, 8sec or 30sec. (the lower the debuff timer, the lower you will explode, although the height on 7second debuff explosions can go pretty high sometimes.)

Because of this ability of the Goblin Hot Potato, we can use it to bypass locations needed for raids, dungeons,and even for good old exploring…

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Apr 232015

Win Every Hearthstone GameIt is now possible to Win Every Hearthstone Game on Android & Windows. We do this with a fairly simple exploit which is available on both platforms, but with slightly different procedures. This can mean climbing the ladder very quickly without paying for any Hearthstone Mastery Guides, and can be devastating to your enemies. This might also be possible on Mac/iPhone, but have no way to test it. Continue reading »

Apr 222015

Archeage New Players TipsHere is a small selection of Archeage New Players Tips to help you get started if you are going to try out Archeage. For any new game, or rather new game to you, tips from veteran players are always useful. Hopefully this Archeage New Players Tips guide, will also help.

With this Archeage New Players Tips, we are going to only give you some quick advice, including which class to start with, how to buy patron without spending money, the easier ways to farm gold and gear, and more. Continue reading »

Apr 202015

Easy Bodyguard Leveling trick - WoWLeveling your bodyguard doesn’t need to be hard, and with this Easy Bodyguard Leveling trick, it can actually be very easy. We make it easy by simply allowing your bodyguard to fight the same mobs over and over, by resetting a quest which in turn allows you to have each of your bodyguards level up quickly. Continue reading »

Apr 172015

Bloodshard Goblin Party TrickThe Bloodshard Goblin Party Trick, will allow each member of the party to loot a Blood Thief Goblin in Diablo 3. If done correctly each member can gain upwards of 4000+ bloodshards for each party member*. You will need at least 2 party members to do this trick, but the more the merrier.

… party trick – almost sounds like something you would do at a friends party, like putting a lamp shade on your head or table dancing… but no, this party trick will allow you to farm unsurmountable amounts of bloodshards from blood thiefs. Continue reading »

Apr 162015

chat spammerIt’s fairly simple to Create a Chat Spammer, if you are able to create in-game macros and then assign them to your toolbar or hotkeys. For this Chat Spammer, I am going to assume 2 things. First that you can make in-game macros (or commands) and second that you can assign them to a bar. Continue reading »

Apr 152015

archeage-archerHave you had a Trade Pack or other items taken because you were unable to Counter Archer Disarm in Archeage? Then it’s time to understand this specialized attack, and then to counter it.

I finally figured out how archers can just sit there pelting you with arrows while you are unable to attack back. It seems that concussive arrow has a secret combo with it called disarm. I lost my second trade pack in two weeks because I was unable to fight back against archers, but now I can Counter Archer Disarm with the info I have outlined below… Continue reading »