Jan 192015

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May 292015

Fast WoW Level 85-90When I discovered this method to Fast WoW Level 85-90, I was surprised. You see, it’s not supposed to be this fast. Unfortunately, this Fast WoW Level 85-90 method is for characters who have some type of AoE ability. Of course if you can just change your build to account for this, you’re golden. Continue reading »

May 282015

HotS Sonya GuideI’ve created a detailed HotS Sonya Guide to help you get the most out of the hero, Sonya. For those new to Heroes of the Storm or veteran players looking to brush up on their Sonya skills or even looking for builds for Sonya, this guide will help you to discover more then you possibly knew on this new hero.

The patch has brought about several distinctive changes that have shaken up the traditional builds. If you find yourself struggling with the new Sonya, hopefully these sections will get you back into the game to flaunt your new Super, Cable, Upvote Sonya skin. Continue reading »

May 272015

This Seafox Archeage Game Hack Seafox Archeage Game Hack will allow you to change the sea level apparently, in game. The Sea Level is actually client side, so this does not mess with the server directly.

There are a few effects which I have found that can occur, by changing the sea level. I have filmed a couple of the more useful effects, as shown in this video (below).

If you find another usage, othern then I have detailed, please leave a reply in the comments below! Continue reading »

May 232015

Heroes of the Storm Specialist are the most complex and varied role to play, so there is unfortunately no way to explain exactly what they are. They aren’t tanks, they aren’t healers, and they aren’t even considered DPS. If you’ve played a Heroes of the Storm Specialist, you probably aren’t really sure if you’re playing to the role’s fullest potential. Have you mastered all the specialists? Can you say for certain that you’ve truly mastered a single one of them? It’s not as easy as looking at the stat boards to see your progress– specialists excel in areas that don’t translate well into numbers. Maybe you’ve already realized this and have tried investing your time into learning from another Heroes of the Storm Specialist guide just to discover that it is using outdated information from a previous patch; Heroes of the Storm Specialist are constantly getting tweaked due to how powerful they can be in the right hands. This Heroes of the Storm Specialist guide, will help to make you one of those wielding this mighty character. Continue reading »

May 222015

WoW Fishing BotAny WoW Fishing Bot will pop up, stay around for a few months, and either stay or go. Which it will be, we have no idea. However these days, there looks to be only a couple WoW Fishing Bot’s available right now. Personally, I always liked the pixel bot scripts, where it was just a matter of running it, choosing a color for the bobber, and then choosing the color for the splash. These were not as reliable as today’s memory reading ones, but in the long run, were much safer since Blizzard couldn’t see anything messing with memory.

Today, we are going to share 2 different free to use WoW Fishing Bot’s for you to play with, and it will be your choice on which one you choose to use. Both of the bots featured here read memory, one is a stationary bot, the other will actually fish, move around, hunt for pools of fish, and goto a trainer for you. Continue reading »

May 212015

Better FPS - Path of ExileGetting Better FPS in Path of Exile, is simply a matter of knowing which is better for you, VRAM (Video RAM) or FPS (Frames Per Second), and applying it for your settings. In general, more FPS and less VRAM is better in the long haul, and knowing this, we can apply various settings to ensure we get the best possible outcome.

The first thing you should know about this Better FPS guide, is that some settings change the game in unexpected ways. For example, when you turn on Post Processing, this should actually decrease the FPS, but in our tests, this actually increased them. Another thing you should know, is that each of the following tests was completed at least 10 different times on our test system. Continue reading »

May 202015

Level Class PerksThere are a number of ways in which the leveling system has changed since Killing Floor, and chief among them are Level Class Perks. Here are some of the changes in playstyle you should keep in mind if you want to level up faster!

The leveling system in Killing Floor 2, is interesting at the least. Thanks to its allowance for off-perk leveling – such as being able to level a certain perk while using a specific weapon, even if you aren’t currently using that perk. Each class currently has 25 levels while in Early Access. Each time you gain a level, your stats are increased by a small percentage, and after each 5-level increment, you choose between two different level perks (see Basic Class Overview – Killing Floor 2 for a look at the different perk rewards). Continue reading »

May 192015

Over the last year or so, we saw an auto spell rotation program, PQR pop-up, and slowly fade away. Why? Well first off, it’s an automation program, which will do all your spells for you – that and the massive banwave which caught 100k accounts might have had a little to do with it. So now you’re out an auto spell rotation program? Well actually, there is an alternative which also comes with its own Warden protection built into the program. Continue reading »

May 182015

Farm Servant of Demidos trickThis Farm Servant of Demidos trick, with a bit of pre-planning allow you to farm this Servant of Demidos pet repeatedly – allowing you to bypass the once a day limitation. Under normal circumstances, you can only loot the Demidos NPC once, for a 1 time chance to grab this pet. Instead, we are going to share with you a trick, which will allow you to loot it several times. 

Note: to complete this Farm Servant of Demidos trick, you need 2 accounts, 1 level 100 which can solo Demidos, and a lot of patience. Continue reading »