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World of Warcraft: Pre-Winter Veil Gold Tip

Winter Veil is almost upon us, so it's time to start farming materials that will bring us in some extra gold.

World of Warcraft: Onyxia Strategy Guide

As a celebration of World Of Warcraft's 5 year anniversary, Blizzard breathed new life into one of the early game's most iconic foes: Onyxia, the broodmother of the Black Dragonflight. She has been remade as a raid boss in the

World of Warcraft: Horde Only Recipes

If you like to sell items on the cross faction AH (why don't they have one in Shat and Dal???), then here's a list of Horde only recipes, which will come in handy, to sell to your alliance cooking counterparts.

Tool: Macro Recorder and Editer

If you're like me, and don't want to sit down and learn how to script, then there are some very cool, free tools out there, that can allow you to simply record a macro, and replay it as many times

Warhammer Online: Ultimate Guide Pack

If you have been playing Warhammer for a while now, and looking for that leg up on the competition, then this is the pack for you. You will find leveling, gold, RvR and more guides in this pack.

Aion: Pete’s Free Radar hack

Pete's Free Radar hack Fom: Use at your own risk.

StarWars Galaxies: Level 90 Entertainer in 3 hours

For those of you that wonder how to become lvl 90 entertainer in 2-3 hours (yes, it's still possible)... First, go to mustafar. Then, enter the cantina, and talk to one of the dancers there to learn the pei'yi dance.

Lord of the Rings Online: Lothlorien Flake Dropper Map

ANOTHER NOTE: The 17k Flake dropper is the COMMON spawn for the area and can be a significant challege. The 8k Flake dropper is a RARE spawn ans should not be a challenge to kill.

Aion: Sulfur Fortress Solo

You have to be a ranger, templar or assassin to do this. You should probably be at least level 32 if trying as a ranger or assassin, and 37 for templar. You will need to have a group in order

Lord of the Rings Online: Water Wheels Boss Hard Mode exploit

Make sure you have a good healer in your group as this will be needed on the final boss. First, make your way to the Hard Mode boss room.

Lord of the Rings Online: Leveling from 1 to 60

We've all wondered where do we go next. So here's a helpful guide on where to go, along with the locations of each of these areas. Level 1 - 13 Starting Region: * Elves: Cellondim/Duillond/Gondoman

StarWars Galaxies: Tenebous Edge Macro

Pull out a droid. Make this macro and name it steal. /target nandina /pause .2 ...

Aion: Aionbuddy DirectX Radar Overlay

AionBuddy, has just announced the release of a new hack, called AIONBuddy Directx Radar.

World of Warcraft: Bot Farm Netherwing Eggs/Rep

This is a guide to setting up a free bot, which will fly around and farm Netherwing Egg's for you. It's recommended you make your own profile, and only farm a few hours a day. The bot is

Evony = Civilization MMO Online ?

A short while back, Evony hit the scenes, and it was an instant hit. I found I could play the game, while at the same time I played another MMO. Good stuff! However it seemed so similar

World of Warcraft: Hunter Pets

I have been a long time fan of Exotic beast training with a hunter beast master spec. I first picked up a Core Hound. I think I died about 5 times trying to train this, as it would

World of Warcraft: Turkinator Tips

If you're trying to get The Turkinator achievement in WoW, then here are a few tips for you.

World of Warcraft: Hit Rating Cap for All Classes in Raids

There are a lot of places that show what Hit Caps and other skills should be for level 80 in a raid, but they write it in such a way that it becomes so confusing. This is a simple list

On-Line Poker

I found a long time ago a pay site that had a 3.99 a month fee, well that isn't bad so I joined found like one post out of 50 that had any info I didnt know already, shoot as

MMO: Want to write articles and get paid for them professionally?

Once in a while a site comes along offering something you think is going to be stupendous and right up your alley, right? As you probably already know, I have been asking for people to come here and write articles

What I want to see in WoW

As some of you may already know, Cataclysm, the next expansion for WoW, is bringing in Archaeology (allows the player to unlock new abilities and rewards by discovering ancient treasures throughout the world) and Reforging (lets you reduce one stat