Daily Archives: 2 November 2009

Stargate Worlds early screenshots

Stargate Worlds, has been in beta for the last year now, and they are still accepting beta slots. While this is really cool, and the game has already been featured in a movie as well as a TV Show,

Aion: Chat with other faction

Whether you are Asmos or Elyos in Aion, you will be easily understood, with simple letter replacement.

Staying in Alpha/Beta Phase

Getting into beta these days for games, is actually relatively easy. However, staying there, can be difficult. The one thing to understand about getting into beta, is that it's considered a job. It's not about you just

Darkfall: Macro Collection

Macroing in Darkfall has been allowed, as long as you don't macro, unattended. So I am attaching a collection of macros, that you can edit as you please, or learn from. They are all in AutoIt format.

Decompile exe’s to aut (AutoIt)

Once in a while, a tool comes along that should be in any would-be exploiter's arsenal. This tool, takes unencrypted exe's and turns them into auto-it source code. Of course the exe has to be a compiled version

Everybody likes to laugh!

Not only can jokes make us laugh, but they are great for relieving stress. So I would like to ask you to post a game joke -