Daily Archives: 6 November 2009

Champions Online: Extra 400 slots for items

If you run out of space on your character, simply mail the items to yourself. Each mail, can hold 5 items, and it's been verified that you can mail at least 80 mails to yourself (5*80=400 items).

Some Free Games

I don't know how long these will last, so get em quick, and don't wait.

Darkfall: Free Transfers from EU1 to NA1

It seems like only 6 months ago, that the big talk in Darkfall, was going to be the transfers. People were leveling their characters, getting those skills up, waiting for that transfer to go online... and boom! they were

Warhammer: FTW’s Complete Leveling Guide

If you play Warhammer Online, then you're probably wondering how to level quicker, which quests to take, which not to, where to go for them, where to find some hidden quests... Then you probably need a leveling guide, this is