Daily Archives: 8 November 2009

WoW: Disguise yourself as a Shadow Priest in Arena

If you use Dimensional Ripper - Area 52 - Item or one of the other engineering teleports you sometimes will end up with a debuff. All the debuffs will stay on, even in arena.

WoW: Warrior arena beginners guide

If you're new to Arena matches I suggest you start of with some 2v2 to build up some experience and skills. If you think you are able to handle the good stuff you should try 3v3 and end with some

WoW: Blizzard Store exploit/scam

The exploit part of it is simple. You can pay the $10 for the code, and then sell the code in game. At first, people will be willing to pay 2k-3k in gold. It's a great investment

AoC: Level from 40-50 overnight

This is best done with an AOE/caster class. In FOTD, there is the alpha wolf boss where there is a large rock you can get up onto above him. Climb up onto that rock. Hit the boss with a spell