Daily Archives: 13 November 2009

Aion: Making Gold/Kinah in Your Sleep

Whenever I pick up a crafting profession in an mmorpg, I try to find a way to make a few extra gold to fund its progression. I found a cheap way to make gold with Leatherworking, Jewelycrafting in WoW,

WoW: Earn 250 Stone Keeper Shards a day!

Note: You MUST have the quest available (in other words, the NPC in Wintergrasp must have the "!" over his head)

WoW: Death and Decay Glitched on Faction Champions

[TOTC] Faction Champions - DK Currently Death and Decay is dealing 100% damage on Faction Champions. Some people know it - others don't.

Aion: Level grinding locations

If you paid for access to one of the leveling guides we have provided, then you don't need this. However if you prefer to bot or grind level - with the help of a little brother or something, then

Recent MMO news to keep you updated

Hi folks, just updating you on some new WoW news, and things what have been happening lately. I want to draw special attention to the 5th anniversary sweepstakes and the book for WoW, which leads us on to pre-Cataclysm.