Daily Archives: 14 November 2009

AoC: Crafting Spreadsheet

If you play Age of Conan, and you wish you knew what recipes were what, what they needed, or pretty much had any questions at all about crafting, then this spreadsheet is for you.

How to catch a Cheater

John Cox, a development manager at Mythic, tells a short story about how they catch cheaters.

Tanking, the proper way not to tank!

I have gotten into reading advice from other blogs lately, to see what useful info can be had. A recent post offered a sarcastic approach to tanking. While this post, was meant for World of Warcraft users, I think

Aion: Accuracy vs Weapon Def, Shield Def & Evasion

Every character has these attributes: Accuracy, Weapon Def, Shield Def and Evasion. - Accuracy (Hit Rate) - Weapon Def (Reduce physical damage and block the enemy's physical attack) - Shield Def (Reduce physical damage) - Evasion (Evade the physical attack) How do they work?