Daily Archives: 15 November 2009

Aion Private Servers in China, removed

Surprisingly, China has cracked down on piracy. In fact they cracked down on private servers that were hosting Aion servers

Aion: Free bot – Angelbot

AngelBot is project that was started to offer a viable alternative to NoFap. AngelBot is currently in heavy development. Home page: http://angelbot.forumbuild.com/

Evony: Hiding Resources from your enemies guide

There are two ways to hide resources. The first is very simple,you send them elsewhere. The easiest way, is to send your resources to a highly defended city. There are, however 2 other options. If you

WoW: Q&A with Aratil Developer chat – Cataclysm Expansion info

Simple as the title.. below is some news that one of the blizzard employees has to say about the 3rd expansion to WoW .... Cataclysm Quote from: Aratil (Source)Cataclysm Q: Will Path of the Titans be as time consuming as obtaining Sons

Aion: Understanding the report system

I came across information that the server logs how many times you are /autoreporthunting reported. Basically you can figure out by typing '/restriction' in game.