Daily Archives: 16 November 2009

Champions Online: Mission Finder

Found a nice little website, which provides info on different missions for your characters only. So this is rated as a tip for all you Champ players. Enjoy. http://crimecomputer20.com/

Writers, Programmers, Exploiters -WANTED-

In a bid to offer something that no one else has, I am extending an offer to you. If you can write programs, figure out new exploits, write guides, make macros, or anything else which is MMO related, we

AoC: Trader Exploit

When someone does a search for an item on the trader, it will give a page of results. For example, do a search for Beguiler Blood and it will show various amounts from different sellers.

Evony: City and NPC building tip

Just a little tip for Evony players... if you can build 2 cities, have one. If you can build 4 cities have 3. You always want to be able to build 1 more city, then you have.