Daily Archives: 18 November 2009

Lineage 2: Avoid being hit by melee – Augment exploit

With more or less 100 HDs, fighters won't hit you due to your high evasion.. By this time, the benefits of the augment are permanently on you (Evasion, Accuracy, HP recovery.. whatever), without having the Heaven's Divider equipped.

Guild Wars: Elite Skill Exploit

This work best on new characters who have not unlocked elite skills and I am unsure if it will work otherwise. 1. Buy as many elite tomes as you want elite skills on you bar at once.

Final Fantasy XI: Newbie Gil guide to untold riches

This is a mini-guide based primarily off of my game experience, from farming at early levels to my current level. I will give a little history as to why I needed a lot of gil so many of you won’t