Daily Archives: 19 November 2009

Ultima Online: Fast Gargoyle Loyalty

North of Termur by the water there is a toxic slith spawn with a sand pit. Have a lot of sith follow you and then summon a couple of energy vortex's. Invis and let them die.

StarWars Galaxies: Repeatable Quest, 100k experience

Fragments of the Past quest is repeatable b4 you go to obi wan's trials if you only do frags part 1 and 2 then delete 3 and rinse and repeat. If you complete it, you CAN repeat Fragments 1 and

LOTRO: Reset raid locks

You need one person that is outside the raid to do this. 1. Have the extra person have their character outside of the instance they haveno locks. 2. Everyone but the raid leader leaves the instance.