Daily Archives: 22 November 2009

World of Warcraft: Model Edit Fishing

When fishing in PvP zones or using bots, then it's best to fish in hidden spots. I have added 3 model edits, a WG auto accept script, and info on a bot here. Personally, I don't like using

World of Warcraft: Get your Netherdrake Mount faster

This video is to show you how to get your own drake with just a few minutes of farming each day. It will show you the "loop" or path used to stack up tons of eggs every day. The

World of Warcraft: Scam Gold Buyers

This can be used to obtain anywhere from 5k-20k gold every few days. Although you can make much more with other scams, this scam will never get you banned, which makes it ideal for scamming gold for your legit account.

Lotro Info, Printables, Apps, Maps

Handmade charts, gathered maps and apps that have hrlped my game play.