Daily Archives: 23 November 2009

Evony: Gathering Medals for Promotion

Assuming for a moment, that you have at least cavalry, there is a simple way to get low level medals. The easiest way, is to send troops at a level 1 npc town or valley, and repeatedly strike

Evony: Annoy your enemy, send surprise attacks

The best way to annoy your enemy, is camp him. We do this by sending 1 hero and 1 warrior to the enemy, and entering a camp time. This camp time can be anywhere from 1 hour to

World of Warcraft: Why you should buy gold now!

First off, this isn't just a plug for my site, UberGold.com, you can use this anywhere you like to buy gold. The important thing is that if you buy gold, that you buy it now and not later.