Daily Archives: 28 November 2009

StarWars Galaxies: Level 90 Entertainer in 3 hours

For those of you that wonder how to become lvl 90 entertainer in 2-3 hours (yes, it's still possible)... First, go to mustafar. Then, enter the cantina, and talk to one of the dancers there to learn the pei'yi dance.

Lord of the Rings Online: Lothlorien Flake Dropper Map

ANOTHER NOTE: The 17k Flake dropper is the COMMON spawn for the area and can be a significant challege. The 8k Flake dropper is a RARE spawn ans should not be a challenge to kill.

Aion: Sulfur Fortress Solo

You have to be a ranger, templar or assassin to do this. You should probably be at least level 32 if trying as a ranger or assassin, and 37 for templar. You will need to have a group in order