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Pilgrim’s Bounty Cooking Guide 1-350

Folks, if you don't have cooking on any of your characters, but really wished that you had taken it, for any reason, then the Pilgrim's Bounty, is the time to learn them. I was able to level my cooking

World of Warcraft: Attack own faction with DK

Note: In order to attack NPCs of your own faction, you can not have complete the following quests… Alliance quest – Where Kings Walk – Quest Horde quest – Warchief’s Blessing – Quest

World of Warcraft: unconfirmed Dupe Bug

Open up the vendor. Move the macro to somewhere on your bar and just spam it. Even though your gold will drop to 0 you will still be able to purchase 255 (Bag space limit of course). It also

Evony: Gathering Medals for Promotion

Assuming for a moment, that you have at least cavalry, there is a simple way to get low level medals. The easiest way, is to send troops at a level 1 npc town or valley, and repeatedly strike

Evony: Annoy your enemy, send surprise attacks

The best way to annoy your enemy, is camp him. We do this by sending 1 hero and 1 warrior to the enemy, and entering a camp time. This camp time can be anywhere from 1 hour to

World of Warcraft: Why you should buy gold now!

First off, this isn't just a plug for my site,, you can use this anywhere you like to buy gold. The important thing is that if you buy gold, that you buy it now and not later.

World of Warcraft: Model Edit Fishing

When fishing in PvP zones or using bots, then it's best to fish in hidden spots. I have added 3 model edits, a WG auto accept script, and info on a bot here. Personally, I don't like using

World of Warcraft: Get your Netherdrake Mount faster

This video is to show you how to get your own drake with just a few minutes of farming each day. It will show you the "loop" or path used to stack up tons of eggs every day. The

World of Warcraft: Scam Gold Buyers

This can be used to obtain anywhere from 5k-20k gold every few days. Although you can make much more with other scams, this scam will never get you banned, which makes it ideal for scamming gold for your legit account.

Lotro Info, Printables, Apps, Maps

Handmade charts, gathered maps and apps that have hrlped my game play.

WoW: Pilgrim’s Bounty Event (Horde Only)

Name: Pilgrim's Bounty Duration: November 22 to November 28 (2009) US Servers Official description: Pilgrim's Bounty is a time to reflect upon one's good fortune and to share with those around you.

World of Warcraft: Instant Respawn for 730k XP an hour

In Zul'Drak the area called "Voltarus" in the western area of the zone has the big floating building with Drakuru inside it. At the very end of the chain you end up MCing his zombie blight things and fighting him

World of Warcraft: Amber Drake guide

This is the faster way to kill the boss, so it might even be used to do the speed run , but it's hard to make and may lead you to a wipe. You will be able to do

Warhammer Online: Fast Emperor title

I really loved the excitement of getting the title of "Ow my eye" when I first played WAR. I was actually disappointed when Blizzard added titles and achievements to WoW, as they weren't as fun as WAR's version.

Warhammer Online: Talisman Stacking exploit

Items with more than 1 talisman spot were recently changed so you could not put more than 1 talisman of the same in it. There is a workaround for it.

Ultima Online: Unlimited SA puzzle pieces

1. Use a bag of sending on the puzzle piece you collect and then you can collect another. 2. Recall back to the bank and the puzzle pieces are in your bank box.

Ultima Online: Fast Gargoyle Loyalty

North of Termur by the water there is a toxic slith spawn with a sand pit. Have a lot of sith follow you and then summon a couple of energy vortex's. Invis and let them die.

StarWars Galaxies: Repeatable Quest, 100k experience

Fragments of the Past quest is repeatable b4 you go to obi wan's trials if you only do frags part 1 and 2 then delete 3 and rinse and repeat. If you complete it, you CAN repeat Fragments 1 and

LOTRO: Reset raid locks

You need one person that is outside the raid to do this. 1. Have the extra person have their character outside of the instance they haveno locks. 2. Everyone but the raid leader leaves the instance.

Lineage 2: Avoid being hit by melee – Augment exploit

With more or less 100 HDs, fighters won't hit you due to your high evasion.. By this time, the benefits of the augment are permanently on you (Evasion, Accuracy, HP recovery.. whatever), without having the Heaven's Divider equipped.

Guild Wars: Elite Skill Exploit

This work best on new characters who have not unlocked elite skills and I am unsure if it will work otherwise. 1. Buy as many elite tomes as you want elite skills on you bar at once.