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Archlord: Make lots of money fast!!!

Create a knight (most defense/HP) character, go outside the town and kill greem & yellow worms. When you are level seven and you have 500 + cash sell all your useless drops to merchant. Now go to the town and buy

City of Villains: Stack Mystic Fortunes

To stack mystic fortunes, turn the walk power on, and no matter how many people offer you fortunes, you get all the bonuses. This only work in walk mode. Mind you, they still stay after you turn walk off, you

Happy New Year!

May all our fortunes grow with this new year upon us. May your enemies of be stamped out like the scourge that they are, their bones grinding beneath your feet.

Archlord: Bot – Buff, Attack, Auto-Loot

Archlord Bot: buff, attack, and auto loot.

City of Villains: Get a 50 back to outbreak

You need mush teleporter and someone in outbreak (preferably a 2nd account or a good friend). Get the person in breakout to select a mission, then you use the mission teleport to go there and voilà! You are in breakout

Archlord: Item & Gold DUPE bug

ArchLord Item Dupe so you can duplicate ArchLord Gold and other stackables.

Age of Conan: Jump through enemy guild walls

Go to a flat wall, of a guild that is not yours. You must be directly in the center of it on your horse and continuously jump while on your horse. You will be able to jump through the wall into someone

Runes of Magic: Leveling Bot

RoMBot is in free open beta, and now is your chance to try this easy to use bot, for free. Own Runes of Magic with this great new bot. Give it a try and let us know what you

Runes of Magic: MultiHack

Use of hacks can lead to suspensions or bans, use at your own risk!

Aion: Asmodian Title Guide

In Aion each faction is able to collect a certain number of titles for their characters. Titles will add something more to a players name such as “Settler of Aion” or “Tree-Hugger” but will also give you a boost in

Aion: Elyos Title Guide

In Aion each faction is able to collect a certain number of titles for their characters. Titles will add something more to a players name such as “Settler of Aion” or “Tree-Hugger” but will also give you a boost in

Darkfall Online: Take 50% less damage

You need the sidestep melee upgrade, the one where you can double tap in any direction. The trick is, after having engaged a mob in melee, spam double tap backward while swinging like crazy. You'll notice the mob will miss you

Aion: Super Easy Kinah, 100k in 1 day! !

Get off Poeta ASAP. Then talk to the Teleporter in Sanctum - he has a repeatable quest that can be repeated up to 100 times per character. This quest rewards 100 EXP and 500 Kinah - EACH, and only

Multi Person Vehicle Exploit

Some days ago a friend of mine and I found a great little exploit. What you need: -a chopper (every other vehicle with more than one seat will probably work) What you do: Basically, you just jump on the vehicle

Get under Northrend

Hi. I found this neat way to get under Northrend today when I was questing on my death knight: 1. Get to Maps - World of Warcraft. 2. Position yourself like this, aim into the red area and jump. This

Darkfall: Remove all Armor quickly

Just keep a crappy robe in your vault. When you get to your bank, slap it on to quickly unequip all your armor pieces at once. This way you don't have to pull off each piece, one by one waiting

Vacation + Subscription Error

I am on vacation and will not be back for about 1 week, however posts will still continue until about the 1st of January. For those of you who want access to a particular post, or a monthly subscription, there

World of Warcraft: Beginner’s DK Guide

I am here today to show you my own personal guide that I have written to help out those in need. I hope you enjoy the guide and use it as much as you will.

Darkfall Online: Stop AoE Attacks

If you set up a campfire, then an AoE attack cannot pass through them. This is great for defending against sieges to your town or near bindstones, to protect them. You can walk through them but not nuke

Evony: Wipe Attacking Enemys with 0 Loss

If someone sends a huge army at you, and you time it just right there's a glitch in the system that will destroy their army without your city being attacked saving your army and AT's. What you do is time

Warhammer: HackPack, Zeabot, WarExDLL

If you have been living in the dark ages of gaming, then likely you have never heard of these programs. On the other hand, for a small donation to the people who make these programs, you will have access