Daily Archives: 5 January 2010

WARNING! ProBotters’ AIOBot is Detectable – USE IT AND GET BANNED

written by Kynox So, another day in the WoW botting community has come by, and just like every other day, someone has released some two-bit bot. Except, this isn’t just someone, for it is the same people Cypher and I

In Game Leveling Guide Addon – WoW

This is the most recent version of a famous leveling guide, which you could pay over $80 for.  This was made for World of Warcraft v3.3, and comes for both Alliance and Horde.  It is the complete 1-80 for both

Subscriptions Working Again!

Thanks to the help of the Are_PayPal plugin author, I was able to figure out where the problem was on users not being able to subscribe for access.  This has been fixed now, and new subscribers should be able gain

WoW: Kelsie fishbot

What is Kelsie? Well, Kelsie is the next step in evolution of CyberFish. Why is it called Kelsie? Simple, that is my daughter's name. There is a running joke at work that while I am at work, my daughter is