WARNING! ProBotters’ AIOBot is Detectable – USE IT AND GET BANNED

written by Kynox

So, another day in the WoW botting community has come by, and just like every other day, someone has released some two-bit bot. Except, this isn’t just someone, for it is the same people Cypher and I destroyed a few months back.

The mimic team are back in all their fury, with another terribly written, hilariously advertised bot, that as per usual, is advertised with a number of false claims.

“I can assure you, its NOT injection” was one of the claims spouted, yet as you can expect, a stupidly named DLL was found; containing all of the bots interoperability between WoW and itself. In addition to this, three API hooks are present: LoadLibraryA, GetCursorPos and GetPhysicalCursorPos.

The first, LoadLibraryA, was to protect it from.. GameGuard. Yes, they are hiding their module from an anti-cheat from another game. Why would they do this you might ask? Who fucking knows what goes through the minds of the mimic-devs.

The second and third are used to send mouse movements to the game while it doesn’t have focus.

In summary, do not use this bot, and if you have.. see me in a week or so :) .

2031f09253e0dbc911a8813616cdf9b1486b52fc (SHA1 hash of the trailing block of text, for verification purposes)

Time-zone is NZST.

15:43 – 19/12/09

So, if you’re reading this and wondering why your account has been banned.. i’m truly sorry. We’ve gotta let the WardenDev show his glory somehow, right!?

So 5 1/2 hours ago (from the date noted above), a new memory scan was pushed into Warden, which targeted AIOBot. If you were caught up in this, then shame on you for buying into such a shitty and detectable piece of software.

Seeing as the auth servers are now (presumably. hard to tell with the ddos) closed, now seems like an opportune moment to unmask this.

In Game Leveling Guide Addon – WoW

This is the most recent version of a famous leveling guide, which you could pay over $80 for.  This was made for World of Warcraft v3.3, and comes for both Alliance and Horde.  It is the complete 1-80 for both factions and will also list a few leveling talent configurations.  This is the guide, that I use, every time I play, to level.  I have used it on my rogue, deathknight, and now am using on my priest.  I zoom by other players when I use this addon.  I leveled my hunter without it, and it took 3x longer.  All I can say, is this is the leveling guide that you need.  They claim, you can level 1-80 in as little as 10 days, without rested xp - and checking my play time per level, I believe it.

Dugi's WoW Guides - Official Website

In Game Leveling Guide Addon

This new system allows a pre-leveled character to start using our guides much easier than ever before.  It also allows players to use Recruit-A-Friend and Heirlooms with the guides, as well as do other things in the game that could make the player get ahead of the guides. Such things like doing instances or pvp with friends, or simply getting unlucky with drop rates and getting ahead of the guide.

Nonetheless, when we released this system, it was meant to be a revolutionary leap for leveling guides, which would fix many major problems players were encountering with leveling guides as a whole.

Unfortunately, this new system did not come without snags.  The major problem with the system so far is that many quests in the game are part of "hidden" quest chains - meaning the quests may be unlocked by completing another quest or something, but there is no clear chain of quests, which you might see on wowhead.com, for example.

Obviously, this needs to be fixed in order for SIS to work at its full potential.  So, for the last week, our team has been focused on finding these "hidden" quest chains and tying them all together in our guides, so that SIS will work much more smoothly for you.

That's what this email is all about.  We are happy to announce that both our Alliance and Horde leveling guides have had these "hidden" quest chains linked together for levels 1-60.

Get more information on what these In Game Leveling Guide Addon do for you, here

Subscriptions Working Again!

Thanks to the help of the Are_PayPal plugin author, I was able to figure out where the problem was on users not being able to subscribe for access.  This has been fixed now, and new subscribers should be able gain access to both pay for access and to then get access to the posts they pay for.  Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.

Additionally, I have been told that there will be an interruption of my internet connection due to some street work.  I do expect my internet to be down for 3-7 days.  If you subscribe for access, you will have access to past posts, as well as future posts if you pay monthly.  Otherwise, you will have access to just the post you pay for.

[edit] Yay! So far the internet hasn't gone down.  Hopefully they will keep this up, and not affect me.  Here's hoping for the best!

WoW: Kelsie fishbot

Name: Kelsie
Version: 1.8.24
OS: Any Windows OS
Download .Net: 4.0


Kelsie is a fishbot I created in my attempt to move from AutoIt to C#. I implemented my AutoIt coded CyberFish into what you see now. Its straightforward and simple. Here is what you need to do to use Kelsie.

WoW Client Setup:

1. Equip your fishing pole

Kelsie Setup:

Duration: Enter how long you want to fish for (in minutes)
Cast Pause: Enter an extra pause (in milliseconds) before next cast, if needed for lag.
Keyless: Check this to use keyless interacting (currently disabled)
Take Breaks: Check this to have Kelsie randomly take breaks from fishing (makes you look a little more real!)
Get PID: Click this to load the process ID's of all the Wow.exe instances you are running (for multiple accounts on one computer). (untested)
PID Combo: Leave blank for Kelsie to select the first one it finds or specifically select a PID to use with Kelsie. (untested)
Start: Click this to start Kelsie
Stop: Click this to stop Kelsie

To do:

- Implement lures
- Implement auto-equip fishing pole
- Implement teleport detection (testing)
- Implement whisper detection

Known Issues:
- Kelsie does not switch your keybindings back, but the change is temporary. Just go into your keybindings in WoW then click the "Cancel" button and all should be well!
- Will find false bites when WoW is minimized
- May close when WoW is minimized

- Should work with any Windows OS. Works on my Win XP Home 32bit and Win XP Pro 64bit.