Lord of the Rings Online: Flake Dropper

from TheFranks post at the Lotro forums started Nov 19

Still no map

POST UPDATED 02/10/2010:
Added updates from contributors.
Lorebook maps are still wrong/missing for a number of mobs but there are exceptions. Click the links to see!

POST UPDATED 11/19/2009:
Both bare and POI maps up.
I am waiting for the lorebook to be updated for Mirkwood before I add flake droppers

Confirmed encounters:

Naergant (undead with 19,707 morale) spawned at 11.4s 48.1w AND 11.9s 52.2w
(thanks me and Usmar)

Snakfrum (orc with 21,400 morale) spawns at 19.0s 43.9w AND at 17.5s 47.1w
(thanks me, Usmar, Jadzi, and RusselDog)

Durkam (black uruk with 21,400 morale) spawns at 10.7s 46.2w
(thanks me and RusselDog)

Gulbrennil (morrival with 17k) spawns at 12.9s 57.6w
(thanks to 'Norran' on beta!)

Morsháti (warg-rider with ??k) spawns near/in Windstones
(thanks Jadzi and me)

Gúlbrennil (Morroval with ??k) spawns near Dreadweaver's Lair
(thanks Jadzi)

Faechiril (Spider with ??k) in the Scuttledells at 11.8S, 52.2W and near Shrine of the Ancients at 11.5S 47.9W
(thanks Jadzi, RusselDog, and me)

Snágrip (Warg with ??k) in Taur Morvith at 19.0S, 49.3W
(thanks Jadzi)

Gazkhlát (Goblin with ??k) at 17.3S 52.0W
(thanks RusselDog)

wood troll flake dropper in south-western Downholt

Unconfimed encounters:

wolf flake dropper with 19k morale spawns at 15.3s 51.9w (?)
(thanks Usmar)