Daily Archives: 19 January 2010

How to Fly Almost Anywhere in Dalaran

This explains how to fly in sections of dalaran that are marked as "No Fly Zones" as well as what I think is going on and why it works. There is so much explaining because it really does help you

Lua Ninja: General Scripts

Lua Ninja, is only for World of Warcraft.  It is recommended that you use Super Duper Macro, with this, in order to maximize length of macros. Macros written by Elitetech Auto prospect/mill/DE/whatsoever /cast Prospecting /use [Insert stuff] /in 3 /run

World of Warcraft: Northrend Meat Farming

There are all sorts of meats that sell on the Auction House for a good amount of gold. Not a whole lot of people go and farm meat so if you can create a stockpile of this stuff and put