Runescape: AutoTalker, AutoWoodcutter, and AutoDropper

Jadd is a scripter who likes making scripts for Runescape.  You can freely download his stuff from here.  We take no credit for these files.The author claims these are undetectable, but that could change at any time. so use at your own risk!

AutoAlcher By Jadd, Final Version 12/06/09
An undetectable AutoAlcher made by me! Easy to use, safe, and works smoothly.

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AutoDropper By Jadd, First version 01/03/10
An undetectable AutoDropper made by me! It's safe and quite easy to use. Read instructions carefully.
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Jadd Autotalker V7.0 Multi Color 12/31/09
This autotalker is very user-friendly and runs fast. It has a remarkable low CPU usage and good working functions. Same as V6.0 but now with color and style options. CANNOT BE DETECTED BY JAGEX! Read the README file!

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Woodpecker By Jadd, First version 01/10/10
An undetectable AutoCutter made by me! It's safe and quite easy to use. It cuts and drops logs automatically. Read instructions carefully!

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If you have any ideas for improvement, please contact Jadd at, and tell him you found his stuff at mmoexploiters.

World of Warcraft: Skip to the last boss mob

Here's a trick in Old Kingdom to get your group to the last boss, quickly.

You'll have to clear 3 trash mobs on your way, and then the 3 elites before the last boss.

  • Start here

  • Kill the front guards and move up here

  • You'll want to head over to this spot, there will be two packs of mobs you'll have to clear.

  • Once you get there jump up this ledge and head round the corner, it's best to slow walk as it is deceptively hard

  • Once up, keep heading around

  • Now jump to the circle, but hug the wall as you do so.  You can turn on fast walking/running now.

  • Head around this area and it will bring you to here

  • Head along the ledge here, hugging the wall

  • Move around the third Boss's platform and jump onto the gate here

  • Move along here and jump down

  • Around the corner and your group is almost there

  • Jump down and you're on the last ledge, turn on slow walking again.

  • Run across when the mobs part away, and you're there

Enjoy 🙂