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Lua Ninja: Hunter Macros

Lua Ninja, is only for World of Warcraft. It is recommended that you use Super Duper Macro, with this, in order to maximize length of macros. Hunter Macros Written by Elitetech Marksmanship Hunter DPS cycle /run if not UnitDebuff("target", "Serpent

Age of Conan: Run at mounted speed while stealthed exploit

After 1.05 if you stealth and then hit your mount button you will mount and run at mounted speed while stealthed. This is a great way to sneak up on your enemies.

World of Warcraft: Fly in Battlegrounds

When you enter the battleground, you should be mounted for 10-15 seconds. This gives you time to fly over the gates or into a seemingly unreachable position.  The exploit is simple, but works really well...

FREE Today Only! 1AVCapture

I know peeps often wish they had a good video capture program, for home videos.  Well today is your lucky day! This one is free... but only today. 1AVCapture can capture and record anything you can hear or see on

How to Fly Almost Anywhere in Dalaran

This explains how to fly in sections of dalaran that are marked as "No Fly Zones" as well as what I think is going on and why it works. There is so much explaining because it really does help you

Lua Ninja: General Scripts

Lua Ninja, is only for World of Warcraft.  It is recommended that you use Super Duper Macro, with this, in order to maximize length of macros. Macros written by Elitetech Auto prospect/mill/DE/whatsoever /cast Prospecting /use [Insert stuff] /in 3 /run

World of Warcraft: Northrend Meat Farming

There are all sorts of meats that sell on the Auction House for a good amount of gold. Not a whole lot of people go and farm meat so if you can create a stockpile of this stuff and put

World of Warcraft: LuaNinja

Disables the WoW API protection checks in order to allow arbitrary Lua code execution.

Darkfall Online: Kill the hardest mob in the game! The Devil

USER SUBMITTED POSTING EXACTLY AS SUBMITTED I'm going to explain what each party member needs in detail as well as the strategy which will allow you to take one of these things down in about 20 minutes worth of work.

Dark Ages of Camelot: Leveling exploit

There are two spots in Krondon to exploit pbaoe farm. The first is at the entrance as soon as you zone in and go to the big room. There is a pillar on the right side of the room. Go

Generic DLL Injector

Description: A generic, advanced, and portable DLL injector. Features: Native IA32 injection. (Inject 32-bit DLLs into 32-bit processes.) Native AMD64 injection. (Inject 64-bit DLLs into 64-bit processes.) Injection via process id. (On the fly injection.) Injection via window title. (On the fly

Final Fantasy XI: Maps

Just unzip the file to your PlayOnlineSquareEnixFINAL FANTASY XI directory and everything should install to the right spot. In the event that it doesn't, copy the directory structure manually to PlayOnlineSquareEnixFINAL FANTASY XI.

City of Heroes/Villains: Stack Mystic Fortunes

It is pretty easy...just turn walk on. You can get all the bonuses you want with the walk power on. They remain after walk is turned off.

City of Heroes/Villains: Get a 50 to Breakout

Get a 50 to Breakout - To do this you need someone that is in outbreak and mish teleport. Have the character in break out select a mission. You can then use that mission to teleport.

World of Warcraft: Dominate Warsong Gulch

Requires: 3 players 1 player with Chopper and most likely Mammoth (not tested) WSG Step by step: Player A and B sits in the vehicle outside the opposite factions flag room. Player C runs into the flagroom, grabs the flag,

Lord of the Rings Online: Flake Dropper

from TheFranks post at the Lotro forums started Nov 19 Still no map POST UPDATED 02/10/2010: Added updates from contributors. Lorebook maps are still wrong/missing for a number of mobs but there are exceptions. Click the links to see! POST

World of Warcraft: Cause others to lag/log off – Possible Dupe Bug!

As anyone in mmo games knows, lag can allow you to create dupe bugs. The method is simple, slow server response time, trade, then get booted off the server, before the server can log the trade. This method

Guild Wars: Polar Bear Bot

Runescape: Make 1 million in 4 hours

Final Fantasy XI: Walk through walls

World of Warcraft: Winning Argent Tournament Strategy

If you do this, you should be able to win, 93% of the time.