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Starcraft 2 Beta, offline play against the AI, free to play!

A workaround for playing Starcraft 2 beta offline vs AI has been found! Looks like someone was able to find a way to patch the Starcraft 2 beta maps with different AI settings, not sure if HARD is really that

Guild Wars: Easy feather, celestial gold, & celestial weapon

Go to Naphui Quarter and put hard mode on. Equip the following; Build: Glyph of Swiftness, Deadly Paradox, Shadow Form, Way of the Lotus, Golden Lotus Strike, Fox Fangs, Death Blossom, Radiation Field (Asuran skill)  Weapons: Perma Staff and Zealous

Aion: Aether/Vitality Map Hack

This free tool, will allow you to see all Aether and Vitality nodes on your in-game radar.  Perfect for leveling up trade skills or making extra Kinah.  It also has the following features: AntiAFK - Avoid getting logged out after

Aion: Party Healing Follow Bot

This is a party healing bot that uses Clints cMem for Memory reading/writing. The party healing bot does exactly what its name says, heals all members in party. The bot follows a target player, sits when the player sits, and

DDO: Dwarf Batman Build – Sneaky DPS Tank

Imagine a sneaky dps tank, with the ability to find your traps, then disarm them.  Imagine massive DPS with decent armorclass and hit points.  This is the Dwarf Batman build. If you have the veteran build its much easier. 32pt

Starcraft 2 Beta + Solo Play Sandbox!

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (2010) BETA Starcraft II continues the epic saga of the Protoss, Terran, and Zerg. These three distinct and powerful races will clash once again in the fast-paced real-time strategy sequel to the legendary original, StarCraft.

DDO: Killer Auction House tips

We have all heard the "trick" of buying low and selling high.  With this little bug, you will be easier able to find cheaper auctions to buy, in order to sell for more, or even to better equip your characters

Dofus: Lag Generator

Description: This program slows the connection to Dofus servers each time you activate lag. While lags active, your computer and Internet speed will stay as is, but everyone will get the "waiting for player..." message, each time they try to

DDO: White Ice Games Coins exploit

This is a Dungeons & Dragons Online exploit, which will allow you to farm White Ice Game coins, without skates, quickly and easily. In the harbor, the stairway above Berne Jorne, the questgiver for the quest "Arachniphobia", has a small

WoW: Kill Thrall & Guards, No Aggro

This exploit will allow you to chain stun Thrall and all his guards. It's a great way for a small group to take out Thrall and his minions.  Now this exploit could work on the Alliance side, but it has

Aion: Free to use, Hunting and Leveling bot

Whats better then having a bot that player for you? A bot that plays for you, and doesn't cost you any money!  This bot will read memory, but not write to it.  The benefit of this kind of bot, is

Evony: Town Hall prestige building technique and trick

There are a lot of ways to build prestige in Evony. However, the town hall trick seems to be key in building prestige the fastest. Also keeps you from being attacked.

Any Game: Text Macros!

Text Macros! These can be used in any game, that allows you to make a macro with chat commands, and changed to fit your game.  On slower chat servers, could also be done manually, but much more difficult to do

WoW: Herb Farming Locations – for gold or inscription/alchemy

First off, here's a vid that was posted 5 months ago, on soloing Freya's Herbs.  It's not a bad way to make some gold/gather herbs, but for VIP members, I am going to share my personal spot which will net

WoW: 3.3.3 Pre-patch gold tips

Having a time machine would be great, we could make money on things we knew were going to happen, here we discern what will happen on the next patch for WoW. You can find the patch notes in full here:

WoW: Rogue PvP Guide

by dea About the author: I've played rogue since season 2 back in TBC. I've gotten +2,3k in Tbc, mostly as mage/rogue and rmp. In Wotlk, I've reached over 2,5k ratings. I've been always pvp'ing. Ok. Let's get to the

Lotro: Alternative G15 / G19 LCD App

Written by Vindalfur of Brandywine LotroLCD is an attempt to use the LCD on the Logitech G15/G19 keyboards for something useful while playing LOTRO. The default applet from Turbine only displays redundant information and is hence quite useless. As far

World of Warcraft: Wotlk Raid Video Tutorials

The following is a compilation of links to all Raid videos from I will be adding links to other videos, that will explain how to do some of the older WoW Vanilla and BC raids, once I get the chance.

AoC: Architecture Guide

Building and siege engine construction plays an important role in Age of Conan. These tasks are performed by Architects. Some of the materials used in Architecture can be acquired through various sources within the game, or by spending a bit

World of Warcraft: Professor Putricide Global Reduction exploit

When killing Professor Putricide, in 10 man as a DK.  If you go into Unholy presence when controlling the abomination, you will get a global cooldown reduction.  This is great for DPSing, nuking, and collecting acid.  This might also work