Daily Archives: 3 March 2010

WoW: Authenticator users targeted by trojan middleman attack

In a surprising turn of events, it seems that Blizzard Authenticator users are now being targeted to have their accounts hacked.  Long thought to be the safest way to keep your account safe, Authenticators users are now the target of

Evony: Hero Hunting tips, tricks, & exploits

I can only assume you have read my other articles on what to get in a hero's attributes, and what the hero's attributes are for.  As you begin to play more, you will raise your attack skill immensely, and after

STO: Get Captain Kirk’s Uniform

If you use the code "JIH MUSHA SOH", you will get Captain Kirk's Uniform added you your bonus items. Of course, true Star Trek fans already have this.  They got the code from Star Trek DVD Boxset