Daily Archives: 6 March 2010

Diablo 2: CD Key Changer

Diablo2 CD Key Changer! How to use the refiller... First way: Manually refill cdkey edit auto-cdkey.reg,set: "d2cdkeympq"="" "d2xcdkeympq"="" then import the registry file again and start refiller to refill both cdkeys. Second way: Auto refill cdkey, set 1 cdkey (game

Diablo 2: King_Yoshi’s Color mod for Diablo II 1.12

This is a Diablo2 mod I made back in 2007. I randomly found it in a random old CD I had saved. Basically it is a Mod for Diablo 2 1.12, that works to this day. But since they made

DAoC: Gothwaite Harbor, remove building game hack

This is mostly used for PvP servers based in Gothwaite Harbor What this DAoC game hack does, is to remove buildings in the area that cause line of sight issues so that you may use ranged attacks through them. It

Evony: Building a Resource city, for you and your Alliance

This is an original strategy guide, written by Spitt of mmoexploiters.com. On most servers Iron and Wood cost more then any other resource. Occasionally, food is a scarce resource, usually on older servers - that's just supply and demand however,