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StarCraft2: StarCrack AI

StarCrack AI has been in development since the first AI hack was on the scene. Initially, it was a pretty hacked up version of the Blizzard "very easy" AI that would actually do more than build two marines that glare

EQ: Leveling Guide 1-85, Undead Zones, part 3 of 12

Estate of Unrest 15 - 30 Once you enter Unrest follow the tunnel till you come out and have a large mansion in front of you. You can kill stuff around the mansion until about level 17. "The Stuff" includes;

Free2Play: Mike Oldfield’s Tr3s Lunas and Maestro

Maestro and Tr3s Luna may be the most unusual games out there. Some have compared them to Myst... The games were created and programed by Mike Oldfield with a small staff. Mike Oldfield is the composer/multi-instrumentalist [aprox 30 instruments at

FFXI: Bonecraft Leveling Guide

In Final Fantasy XI (FFXI), Boneworkers are able to create armor, weapons, ammunition, and jewelry through combining different materials (mostly the bones and exoskeletons of various creatures) and crystals. A lot of the supplies you need for Bonecrafting can be