Daily Archives: 21 March 2010

EVE: Roid Ripper updated to 2.x

Just giving our EVE members a heads up, RoidRipper has been updated to 2.x.  Thanks goes to pea for sending us a copy of the bot.  pea has received 6 months VIP membership for his submission.  Updated information is available

EQ: Leveling Guide 1-85, Undead Zones, part 12 of 12

Hills of Shade 83 - 85 And Beyond! Once you're in Hills of Shade you will want to head northeast up to the undead. Right near the Graveyard you will find a small town, that you can get someone to

StarCraft 2: High Yield Maps

Here are Desert Oasis and Blistering Sands redid maps to use the rich vespene gas which gives 6 per added scrap station added shakuras plateau used original maps added steppes of war added kulas revine http://www.filefront.com/15866837/sc2_maps.rar Use the Custom Map