Daily Archives: 29 March 2010

STO: Fastest leveling to Admiral guide

Leveling in StarTrek Online, doesn't have to be slow, but your choice of ship combination can make a huge tactical advantage, knowing what works best.  And once you create the best combination, additionally knowing where to go, at what level,

Best Anti-Virus on the planet???

I have long been a supporter of Avast! Anti-Virus, but I recently came across an independent lab testing which compared many of the AV's out there.  One thing I can say for certain, Avast! is rates higher - though not

StarTrek Online: Burning up Video Cards

I recently heard of an interesting bug, where StarTrek Online users (hundreds of them) were having their video cards burned up on them.  Now, I assume that for something like this, that a class action lawsuit would be in order.