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Starcraft 2: GalaxyEdit tutorial- creating your first unit

GalaxyEdit tutorial- creating your first unit At first look, Starcraft 2 GalaxyEdit is a bit overwhelming.  You'll open a screen, and see all the things that it can do, and not realize how simple using it can be.  This tutorial

Rip Midi Music from Games and other files

Once in a while, you'll be playing an older game, and be wishing that you could listen to just that small track.  Or perhaps you found a really small file, with an embedded music track that when opened plays? *cough*

Tool: free Video Capture program

I  have been using a tool for quite some time to make dvd's from videos, and saw that this same program was now offering a free video capture program.  The nice thing about the program, is it's free.  It's also

Guide Writers Wanted

We are looking for more people to write mmo guides.  These can be for any game, but they do need to be original, which you yourself wrote.  However they can be weekly updates of news for games, or your interpretation

Starcraft 2: 10 Noob tips for a better play experience

10 Noob tips for a better play experience Here are 10 tips for noobs to StarCraft II, which may help you to become a better Starcraft 2 player. We all like our own strategy, some of these crossover to other

WoW: Blacksmithing Guide

As followers of this site might already know, I have been working on leveling my Blacksmithing on my shadow priest.  I know, I know - wft is a shadow priest doing leveling blacksmithing... I usually choose a class which doesn't

Starcraft 2: Getting Started With GalaxyEdit a brief overview

Getting Started With GalaxyEdit a brief overview by Bifuu So, you got your hands on the brand new editor from Blizzard, but you are not too sure on how to start? Well look no further for this guide will start

Starcraft 2: A noob’s guide to Nukes

Written by Exzodium In the original Starcraft if you made a Nuke as a Terran player, chances are that you where late into the game or you snuck it by the other player. Not saying that you never got the

Starcraft 2: Video Breakup + Legit Starcraft 2 Beta Keys

No, that's not the Starcraft 2 beta key we were referring to in the video.  It seems that if you pre-order Starcraft 2, from Amazon, that they are giving away a beta key, which you get along with your order. 

WoW: Sarsonite Farming Tips & Route Map

Here's a route and some tricks to getting the Sarsonite from farming, even though there may be competition in the area.  I have been leveling my blacksmithing, and found I needed some 882 Sarsonite ore's.  Now being the frugal kinda

WoW: How to get in Heroic’s, with low level gear trick

written by Spitt Here's a little trick to being in Heroic Dungeons, with low level gear.  When you first get to 80, you really need to gear up, but unfortunately, when you try to get in on a Heroic, people

WoW: Mind Control Tricks

Here are 3 mind control tricks that can devastate your enemies, allow you to have some fun, and die trying. Any Priest or Engineer should be able to accomplish these tricks. Duel someone while waiting for a boat or zeppelin. 

Lotro Update another $9.99 offer for all 3 expansions

LOTRO + 3 expansions, $9.99 I did not try and purchase, from those that did this IS for NEW subscribers only 🙁 If you never tried Lotro this looks like a way to get all the expansions via a digital

FFXI: Easy Divine and Enfeebling Magic Skill ups

You must have Al'Tiaeu (sea) access for this to work If anyone is wondering why you should cap your Divine Magic -- ask the BLM that I have out magic bursted on. Yes its rare out MB a BLM with

EVE: AutoIt script with Pixel detection

This is a simple AutoIt script which uses pixel detection to mine automatically.  The source code is provided so that you can edit it as you see fit.  This has been tested on the following resolutions 1600x1200, 1600x1024, 1280x1024, &

WoW: Avoid Battleground Deserter debuff

You're in a no hope, losing battleground. You're being pulverized and camped.  You can either stick it out, and hope you don't get ripped to shreds for another 15-20 minutes or you can leave.  But of course when you leave,

Darkfall: Escape from PvP, without dying

One of the worst things about PvP, is being looted.  With this exploit, you will be able to cheat death, and not lose your items - however, you will probably lose your mount.  However the savings in time and money

WoW: Another Spectacular Mining Spot for Thorium

This one, we are going a bit old school on you.  By this I mean, it's a vanilla WoW spot, which can net you 10-15 stacks of Thorium ore per hour. Why Thorium? Well simply put it's because on my

Site News: Plugins

I have added the star rating back into posts, hopefully it won't mess with the subscriptions again, however if it does, I will go ahead and remove them again. I also added the bookmark share info back into posts.  It's

MMO: How to play your favorite mmo, over a proxy

If you play MMO's, and for some reason can't play in your region, then this is for you.  This will allow you to force game traffic into your proxy that you have chosen.  Additionally, it can also be used to

MMO: How to know if an email is real or phishing

I have always taken this for granted, but the proliferation of phishing emails, makes me wonder who knows how to tell a phishing email, from a legit one? The first step to determine a phishing email is a proactive one.