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Affiliate Program & AnonProfiles (WoW)

Couple highlights... If you are a new subscriber, you will automatically be signed up for our affiliate program.  If you refer other people here, who become subscribers, then you receive 25% of their subscription payment.  Our cookie is for 1

Starcraft 2: Push around large units as Protoss

This is actually a trick/exploit, which will allow you to move large Protoss units - it might also be possible to move other units which don't belong to you. This can be a valuable tool when being attacked, or when

Jewelcrafting Profession Guide 1-450 – WoW

I have been leveling each of my characters, and along the way leveling some professions up.  I now have 450 Enchanting, 450 Blacksmithing, 450 Cooking, 450 Fishing, 400 Lockpicking, 450 Inscription, 450 Tailoring, and 450 Engineering.  This is over 5

EQ2: Speed and Teleportation Hack + More

This is a little program that modifies the way you play EverQuest 2. It has a lot of cool well known features that everyone should enjoy having. Some of the features are listed below. Speed Hack and Manual Teleportation are the

Multi-Game Emulator List – WOW, SWG, EQ, RFO, Aion, AC, etc

This post, is to allow any and all emulators, to advertise their server here. It can be any game. Please be sure to list the following; Game emulated Site to register at URL for Info on how to login Server

Lotro FYI -> Tokens

If you are not logging in much, this FYI is for you. The Tokens will stop dropping on June 30th, 2010, and the npc barterers will be gone after July 7, 2010. So, clean up your bags! 🙂

Warhammer: Instant Respawn, level 40 mob

Near the top right corner of the Chaos Wastes map, there is a mob named "Templar Armand" standing under a tree. He will instantly respawn, right after you kill him. Perfect for macroing/botting. Note that while there are other mobs

StarWars Galaxy: Macro/Mod – Destroy non-stackable items

Here's a Modification and Macro combination, which will destroy junk automatically.  Perfect for junk farming or botting.  It will auto-destroy all non-stackable items.  It will not examine, use, nor equip items.  This will not bug out, like most other junk

LOTRO: Summer Festival starts June 29, 2010

Summer Festival 2010 Once a year, the Free Peoples of Middle-earth gather to celebrate Summer with horse races, fishing, dancing, and many other summer-themed activities! The Dwarves of Thorin’s Halls are well prepared for the rigourous Keg-races that will take

WoW: 3 macros, 8 exploits – No Clip, Fly In Dalaran, more

I gotta say, this is one of the best things which has been on this site in a while.  These will allow you to fly in buildings, dismount when on a flightpath, No Clip in Dalaran, allow you to get

Aion: Cleric Faster Leveling Tips

Written by Nathan Black In order to be effective at leveling up, you need to deal damage. The faster you kill an enemy the better. With a Cleric you can have both damage and protection, as they can wear chain

StarCraft 2: Zerg Vs Terran – Starving Strategy

written by Wes Graber of Star2Pros I don't know about you but I hate playing against a good Terran player, the Zerg vs Terran matchup is a very difficult game to win. This guide will teach you the basics of

World of Warcraft WoW: Engineering Guide 1-450 Goblin Gnome

I realized as I was leveling Engineering on my Paladin, that I don't have a guide up here for it. Having an Engineering leveling guide makes leveling cheaper. This will tell you where to get & which recipes make leveling

WoW: World of Raids shows latest info on Cataclysm

Cataclysm Press Event - Raids, Guild System, Path of the Titans & More Check out what Blizzard had to say regarding World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, including subjects such as Path of the Titans & Glyphs, Guild System, Raids & Dungeons, New Zones, Player versus Player, Archaeology,

Warhammer: Fly/Super Jump Game Hack

Warhammer's BugCraft is a free (for now) game hack, which has some features which will allow you to have fun, and to farm gold more easily in Warhammer Online.  It is a game hack, so precautions should be taken, such

Tera Online video trailer 3

Here's a new video trailer for Tera Online.  To me, I see more of a Final Fantasy clone, then WoW, which is a relief. I also see some aspects of other games.  This could turn out to be a pretty

WoW: Midsummer Fire Festival tips + in-game guide

Here's an in-game guide, which will show you step by step instructions for the Midsummer Fire Festival, we also have some tips which will help all levels to achieve easier fire blooms, and more.

AoC: Get Rare tokens for armor quickly

Instead of getting only a few tokens in a few days, use this exploit to get enough tokens to buy all your armor in a few days.  This will bypass the dungeon reset, and allow you to get enough tokens

Warhammer: Josh Drescher, Producer laid off

According to his Twitter account, Josh Drescher was laid off on the 17th.  He wasn't fired, just laid off.  He was Warhammer Online's Lead Producer. He says he doesn't know who else was laid off, and this is the only

WoW: 3.3.5 Patch notes + extended maintenance

I guess they ran into some extended bugs with this new patch.  I say that, since originally, it was scheduled for 3am to 11am, then extended to 1pm, and now 3pm.  I wonder at this point, whether or not they