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Starcraft 2: Contest Solo Zen Master, Tournament $2000 prize

Fayth, over at, is giving away $2000 to the first person to get the Solo Zen Master title... with some rules of course. The first and foremost, is that it needs to be done within 6 months, thats basically

Runes of Magic: Easiest Daily Quests, Fast 100 Phirius Token Coins

The easiest by far, Phirius Token Coin farming can be done within a few minutes. Since the quest is a dropped item, we can farm not just todays quests, but also tomorrows )or the whole week) at the same time.

Starcraft 2: Returning Minerals Trick

When you're in a heavy game and you want to send some workers to gas, you probably don't have the time to find only workers that don't have any minerals. So you will send some workers who might have mined

Starcraft 2: Managing your Queens and Larva efficiently tip

The Zerg is very unique compared to the other races. The Zerg are unique because of their ability to manage larva. Unlike the other two races, Zerg use the larva to make the units. In addition to this difference, the

Another Starcraft 2 maphack

Here is another maphack. This one is created by CraniX Included is the maphack itself in .exe form, and the .dll form that can be injected.

StarCraft II Micromanagement 101

Micromanagement 101 - Micro guide A lot of people get scared when the ominous specter of micromanagement in a real-time strategy game is invoked. It sounds a lot harder than it is, though, and these simple tips can elevate your

Starcraft 2: Confirmed Video Card Overheating issue

Anyone else have StarCraft II try to melt their hardware? Blizzard admits that it's a known issue and has a fix for you. Apparently, the game's menu screens aren't framerate-limited. This means that when there's nothing else going on, your

Starcraft 2: Campaign Achievements

Mar Sara Missions Name Pts. Requirements Portrait Liberation Day 15 Complete all objectives in the “Liberation Day” mission Raynor’s Back 10 Kill 5 enemy units in the “Liberation Day” mission with Raynor on Normal difficulty Down With Mengsk 10 Kill

Runes of Magic: Cast while moving towards or away from mob

I found this bug/exploit a few days ago, while playing RoM.  It allows you to move forward - or away from a mob and to cast non-instant spells while doing so.  However like most bugs, there is a trick to

Starcraft 2: Maphack

About the Maphack This simple but functional program reveals the main map and the mini-map to the player, including all of the enemy and neutral units on the map. True to our original roots, this program is made available free

All MMO: Texas, USA Residents to pay tax on subscription fees

As you most likely already know, I am owner of an account selling site,  I recently received some emails from SOE, stating that something new is afoot in Texas.  It seems that Texas has decided to start taxing people's

World of Warcraft: It’s official! WoW is going free2play…

in a few years... maybe... Credit goes to TomRiddle, for pointing out this article by PC Gamer, speaking with Tom Chilton, Lead Designer of WoW. The rise of the free-to-play western MMO hasn’t gone unnoticed at Blizzard, developers of World of

Starcraft 2: Video – Marines can Dance ?!?

Do you remember those fun /dance macros from Word of Warcraft? Well they exist for marines and marauders in starcraft 2! It's hilarious to use right after you have beaten your opponent or conquered one of their main expansions/bases in

Starcraft 2: Nova in the Armory

After completing the ghost mission, the famous "Nova" from the canceled Starcraft Ghost project can be seen in your armory!

Starcraft 2 Easter Egg: Tauren Space Marine

In the Zero Hour campaign mission blizzard added a secret Easter egg. A Tauren Space Marine. Check out these two videos to get the exact way to find this guy. Here is a closer look at what the space main

Runes of Magic: Macro Guide

Today's guide is over Macros for Runes of Magic.  I personally rarely use them, and just stick with my hot bar spells, but realize that you might use them and so this post it for you. I have tried to

FFXIV: 3 Collector’s/PS3 Collectors Editions being given away

FFXIV Vault, is giving away 3 collector's editions for the PC or a PS3 version. The Big Final Fantasy XIV Giveaway! For all our newcomers, welcome to the Vault! And to all of our loyal members, thanks for all your

Diablo III: Characters Preview

Written by ATanner Blizzard has announced four Diablo III Characters so far: the Wizard, the Barbarian, the Witch Doctor, and the Monk. Videos and character concept images have revealed a number of details for each character class, including techniques each

StarWars The Old Republic: News! Space Combat confirmed

Great news has come down the pipes!  News we have been waiting for for a long time has finally arrived that Space is Confirmed to be in development for Star Wars The Old Republic.  Once again Sean Dahlberg gets to

Hot3K: Leveling your Weapon Mastery guide

written by waria I thought I would share some of my experiences from CBT, this is just a rough outline for newbie players but please feel free to share your own thoughts. Start leveling your mastery asap, try not to