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StarCraft 2: Macro 101 – Guide to queueing, hotkeying, more

As I make my way through StarCraft II, a bunch of less-than-obvious tricks help me get the most out of my economy. How many of these do you already know? The pros out there will laugh at the obviousness of

Evony Avatars

If you want to use the Evony avatars on forums or anywhere else they support avatars, you can do so, by checking out ROM-Exploiters' recent post which supplies each of the avatars for easy download or hotlinking to. Here's an

Evony: How to host a 500k army without starving

So many people state how it’s now impossible it have a massive army in your cities, and all those troops will starve. This is not true! With a little bit of work, you can still have 500k in each city.

EverQuest 3: Confirmed

It's been confirmed that EQ3, is on the way, and that SOE, is working on the next installment.  At this point, it's called EverQuest Next, however as they get closer to a release point, the name, could change.  We don't

Runescape: Guide to Clan Killing King Black Dragon

written by Chris K The visage comes from the King Black Dragon. Learn easy tips to killing the KBD with your small clan to earn some fast coin. You could gain at least 75k per trip and there are low requirements!

Starcraft 2: Probe + Assimilator Bug

This can be very lethal if executed correctly.  

Evony Tip: Captain or Knight?

One of the most annoying things about the game of Evony, is not really understanding the ranks and how they affect the game. There is not even a description in the game of what either does for you - seems

Terran basic 3 Barrack Opening – by Husky

This basic opening video shows how to open up a game by building barracks and going the basic "mm ball" (Marine Marauder)

Starcraft 2: Game Hack – Show Opponents Gas, Mineral, & Unit Count

This is actually a really neat cheat, that at this point, is undetectable, even on multiplayer games.  It does not memory inject, it only reads memory, and displays it for you to see. It shows your opponents name, amount of gas,

Runes of Magic: Easiest Elf Daily Quest guide

If I know I am not going to play other characters, but still want to get the daily quest each time, I log off right near the easiest daily quest I can find.  For Elves, this is in the starter

Lotro Lookout: F2P TP info

We discuss the new Turbine Points, more in depth, find out how to remove the (harshest) penalties for 90 cents, how to earn them, where to find them, the cost of items, and the cost of the items in Turbine

Starcraft 2: Protoss – The Basics, Video guide

If you are new to Starcraft II, then this guide will help you out.  It will help you even more, if you plan to play Protoss, the first few times. If you aren't new to Starcraft 2, then this guide

Starcraft 2: Brady Games Signature Series E-guide

THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO STARCRAFT II THE EPIC SAGA CONTINUES ESSENTIAL MULITPLAYER strategies expose the best ways to tackle each map and every situation, team game tactics, build orders, race vs. race strengths and weakness, and much more. ADVANCED PROTIPS,

Allods Online: Beginner Guide For Heroics

A tutorial on the classes and setup of Heroics in Allods Online and how to effectively utilize the classes in the game for the Heroic instances. So You Want To Be A Hero? You’ve reached level 38 and the NPC hero

Starcraft 2: Trusty 4 Gate Video + Protoss Build Order guide

Starcraft 2: Terran vs Zerg Strategy & Tactics Guide

Starcraft 2 Terran vs Zerg Strategy Basics written by TAERIX The Zerg in Starcraft 2 is a very mobile and quick race, which makes them difficult to play against as a Terran player. In a typical Terran vs Zerg matchup,

A history of Starcraft in 7 minutes

Great Video that goes over the history of the original Starcraft game's online play.

World of Warcraft: Hayden Hawke’s Secret Gold Guide

I don't usually feature gold guides on this site, but after I looked this one over, I knew I wanted to put this one up.  The reason I don't like putting the guides up? Simply put, they are all out of

Starcraft 2 Video: Roach vs. Zerglings

Roach vs. Zerglings Description:  I demonstrate a particular instance from one of my articles (Combat Micro - Zerg)... My measly 2 small Roaches versus my buddy's 10 Zerglings. I prove that it can be done! (With ease).  Demonstration includes instance

Starcraft 2: How to increase your Actions Per Minute (APM)

For anyone who loves to play a great RTS, Starcraft II is highly recommended. It features a tremendous graphical update from the previous version (Starcraft: Brood War), new units, and overall better gameplay. One of the questions I always get

Starcraft 2 Trainer + 11, by Kelsat

Nice little Starcraft II game hack, by KelSat Featuring; Unlimited Mine Unlimited Gas Unlimited Population Training & Research Instant Building Fill Troops Power No Fog Unlimited Money Healthy Troops/Building Fragile Troops/Building Indestructible Troops/Building Destructible Troops/Building Teleport Move