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Starcraft 2: See what Warden Scans for, see game hack offsets

Want to see what Warden Scans for? Check out the SC2Warden Online Monitor that monitors Warden for StarCraft II, and notifies you of which offsets / modules, etc are being scanned and how long they've been being scanned.

What do you want to see more of?

In order to get a better idea of what you are interested in, we are asking just that - what interests you? We know that most of you are Starcraft 2 players, there are also a lot of Evony ,

Guide: How to find a bug and create an exploit

written by Spitt of mmoexploiters To begin with, lets start with defining a bug.  A bug is an imperfection found within a game, and can include anything from a visual glitch to a full blown bug which allows you to

EverQuest 2: Double Speed Hack with HotKey Modification

This is actually a dual speed modification. It has the primary speed as well as the secondary speed. Each of the speed modifications allow you to modify the speed, as well as to turn on or off the hack.

Starcraft Broodwar: How to Open the Secret Level

written by N. Chang Want to find the secret Protoss mission hidden in the Zerg campaign? Getting to it is a challenge, for sure, but if you can pull it off, the secret level contains information that die-hard StarCraft fans

Evony: Medal Farming, where to get them

One annoying aspect of leveling and getting rank in Evony, is farming medals. As it turns out there isn't much information on where to actually get them, and this makes getting those first few ranks, difficult. As it turns out,

READ! Combating Online Infringement & Counterfeits Act Censorship Plan

Ever since I saw demonoid mentioned in Spitt's music post, I 've been checking it out waiting if the registration will ever be open... the waiting may become moot if demonoid is closed... quoting from Demonoid COICA - Combating Online

Starcraft 2: Baneling Guide, Counters and Strategies

This guide on Banelings, comes courtesy of Shokz Starcraft II guide. It will give you an over view, show counters, strategies, and best ability of the Baneling unit. Banelings are suicidal units that explode and do a huge amount of

Evony: Trick – Get 2x the amount of food per day

Nevermind Facebook gifting for now, this is how to get 2x the amount of food, in every city, on everyday. Even if you are -1million food an hour, you will benefit from this, if you follow this trick. Its actually

Starcraft 2: Bug Out Computer AI With Protoss

Written by Robin Note: This is best on the twilight fortress map, but it can be applied to other maps too. At the start of the match, send a hero probe to the enemy base. Make sure no enemy worker

Anonprofiles Update: Now With WoW-Heroes & InGame GearScores

We have updated the profiles to now include GearScores to both WoW-Heroes and the InGame scores, for those of you who wish to see both of them, and get a clearer idea of what they are. We realize some

Starcraft 2: Winning 2v2 Strategy as Protoss & Terran

Written by imthepimp This is a strategy, that I have recently discovered is a very simple and easy one. There are many people I'm sure out there that have already discovered this, maybe not. I haven't seen anyone else doing

Evony: Right Click Tip

If you're used to playing other games, you might be prone to right clicking on the screen, like me, forcing some nasty behavior out of Evony, since it doesn't allow right clicking. The easiest way to get out of this

WoW: Mount Model Swaps

Here are some model swaps, which are for your mounts. They are basically just new skins for them.  These will not help you go faster. These will not allow you to fly, when you do not have a flying ability.

Hollywood Xpo, 2-for-1 Ticket see Stan Lee, StarTrek actors

If you're a StarTrek or Stan Lee Fan, then you might interested in an even happening on September, 2010. It's Called Hollywood Xpo, and features many of the "stars" who made StarTrek famous. It's a great photo op, and a

Starcraft 2: Mineral/Gas Hack (single player only)

Starcraft 2 Trainer for Windows ** USE ONLY IN SINGLE PLAYER AGAINST AI ** I use small increments by default to avoid hack detection in the match history, since you can play "multiplayer" against the AI to get achievements.  If you

Starcraft 2: Video – Command Center Rush

I found this strategy to be both humorous and grossly effective. It shows you to build drones, and use them, along with your command center to do a fast and effective rush on the enemy. It works really well against

EVE Online: Creating the Hydra: Selecting and Outfitting Ships for a Frigate Fleet

When choosing and outfitting your ship for a frigate fleet using the Hydra Principle, ask yourself what role you are going to play. Your own skillset and your fleet commander's needs should be taken into consideration. Does the fleet need

Starcraft 2: Zerg vs Zerg trick, Instantly Kill Zerg Eggs

This is a deadly trick for Zerg versus Zerg matches, which will enable you to destroy your enemy's Ultralisk production, before the Ultralisks are hatched. It makes for a quick late game with this trick.

Crusade of Destiny RPG for Android

Crusade of Destiny Someone has finally brought a nice RPG, to the Android phone.  It's not an epic RPG, but it is on the road to making the Android, a more viable gaming platform. Crusades of Destiny, is a rather

Starcraft 2: Maphack for v1.1 – DLL plus Loader

Maphack for v1.1 Thus far, this version is not detected in multiplayer mode (subject to change without notice) however it will set off your virus checker and it will connect to verify that it's the most current version (currently v1.1)