Daily Archives: 9 October 2010

WoW: Multiple Hero Class (Deathknight), on Same Server

It is possible to have more then one Hero Class on the same server, using this exploit.  Please note, that this was written with the Death Knight in mind, but it's also concievable that later this could work, if they

Video: 8 Bit Starcraft

This is a great little video of someone showing a 8 bit version of Starcraft. Whether or not it is, in fact, real I am not sure. But it definitely is interesting to watch.    

Starcraft 2: Early Game push Terran vs Protoss Strategy

written by T.Faulkner Playing Terran vs Protoss games can be a real pain because of the powerful area attacks that Protoss has to decimate groups of Terran infantry. To deal with this you can either go with a mech style