Daily Archives: 10 October 2010

Age of Conan: Efficient Rough/Brindles Leather Gathering Guide

I've tried many different places for gathering rough / brindled leather. So far the best place seems to be The Purple Lotus Swamp. This works best for players who can do ranged attacks (Rangers and mages that can attack from

Starcraft 3 CGI Story Video

I would say that this video has really good graphics, and is amazing considering who made it, but I must warn you, ther voice acting is VERY BAD! An amazing 5 minute Starcraft 3 story video created by 21 students

Starcraft 2: Choosing a Race for your Playstyle

Written by Durban I've played the beta and am a pretty good player. If there is one thing I've found to be critical to playing well it is choosing the right race. To do well you shouldn't pick Terran because