Daily Archives: 12 October 2010

Aion: Cleric Healing, Buffing, Leveling, and Combat Macros

Aion: Cleric Macros written and compiled by magicard5861 Here are some macros for any Cleric, which will help with your healing and buffing, leveling, and combat. Use these in game macros to better master your class and skills.

Lotro: Getting Second Age Crafting Items Trick

To craft Reforged Second Age Weapons/ Class items for your level 65 characters you need a Symbol of Celebrimbor, five legendary fragments, other tier six crafting materials, a crafter who is a supreme master and who is kindred in their

Starcraft 2: Uber Map Pack, 117 Maps

This is a StarCraft II MapPack release. It includes 117 maps, for Starcraft 2. It was compiled by V1x0r. All credit to the original authors of the maps. The maps are wrapped in an executable installer. The Installer only installs