Daily Archives: 13 October 2010

California Proposition 19 – Legalization of Marijuana

I scanned in the mail ballot, along with my selection.  I haven't touched marijuana since 1996. I don't crave the substance, but I am pro legalization. For me, it means seeing a state get out of its financial hardship. For

StarWars Galaxy: Use Snipe/Ambush while cloaked

Get lsj's to use saber block/reflect prematurely. You must be uncloaked. When you hit sneak, instantly press snipe or ambush. As long as u fire ambush/snipe within a second of hittin sneak it wont decloak you. ... So if your

FFXIV: Full Client + Patches, Download via FTP

uploaded courtesy of DeathMage FFXIV Client Download Fullspeed Patches on the Way incl Tutorial The completed file must be copied to the following folder: The patches that update the download version (download client has a red background) you'll have

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Move past the first brick, no abbot

In Acension Chamber; Abbot raid, It's possible to move past the first brick without activating the Abbot. It's a little trick which requires voice chat and a helper.