Daily Archives: 15 October 2010

World of Warcraft: Invincible Discipline Priest Healing cheat

discovered by bcrisp82 Echo of Light has a flaw. It is a crit based modifier flaw where the heals will exponentially grow if a crit occurrs as the first tick of the spell hits. Spam holy nova with high crit and

Google’s First Garage Server For Sale

If you have ever wanted to own a piece of history, or wanted to have your own server, then this is the deal for you. A company over at eCrater is selling Google's first ever server for a low low...

Warhammer Online: nHack addon (ninja hack)

nHack is pretty much like HackPack by Phale, but with some extra features and without MapPins. I use a label as the button for nHack, this makes it harder to spot in screenshots and doesn't scream hacker in them either.  The

FFXIV: Shard Scam Trick

I have been doing this since server start and I know it works. I set up a shop over night at like lvl 10 camp putting up to buy 100-200 shards for like 200 gil. People get confused and think