Starcraft 2: Working Maphack for v1.1.2

Working Maphack for StarCraft II v1.1.2.16755

written by someone else, we take no credit nor responsibility for this game hack. This file is NOT hosted here.


  • Warden Protection
  • Configurable hotkeys
  • 3 State Maphack
  • Camera Lock
  • Show player selections
  • Enable observer panel
  • Watch player camera
  • Auto start (auto-mine & auto-train)
  • Award achievements
  • Camera zoom out

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Starcraft 2: The Secret To High APM & Pro Level Play

Today I want to share a little secret with you that the pros use every day to win games like crazy. If you didn't already know, APM stands for Actions Per Minute. It's basically how many things you do in a starcraft 2 match each minute of the game. Pro level players have ridiculously high APM's up around 150-250. This means that they are executing over 150 actions every minute of their games. Crazy huh?

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