Daily Archives: 19 October 2010

WoW Video: Shenaniganz Escape from Deadmines -> Old Outlands

This video shows how to get to Old Outlands, and escape from Deadmines. You will need to have high level cooking and engineering or use similar methods as shown in the video to get to these spots.

Lotro Lookout 10-19-2010

Things of interest in the Lotro Forums: The REALify's Haunted Burrow Map: Note: If you print the PDF on 8.5" x 11" paper it should come out to scale (or very near to it). Note: Also, if the map looks

FFXIV: Basics Blacksmithing Guide

Learning to craft in Final Fantasy XIV has a strong learning curve. This guide will teach you the basics not just of Blacksmithing, but of other skills as well. While made for Blacksmithing, 98% of the guide, can be applied

Starcraft 2: 3 Ways To Micro Your Army Better strategy guide

written by T. Faulkner Today I want to share a little bit of what I've learned about the other aspect of the game...Micro. Micro is basically your ability to control your individual units and armies out on the battlefield. I