Daily Archives: 27 October 2010

Starcraft 2: Liberation Day on Brutal Difficulty Video Guide

This video guide comes courtesy of Joana. This is one of the video guides, you would normally get, if you were a subscriber to Joana's Starcraft 2 Guide. This is definitely one of the top Starcraft 2 guides out there.

World of Warcraft: Magic Rooster Egg, Passenger glitch

If you have both the Magic Rooster Egg mount, and a Traveling Tundra mount, you can perform a fun little glitch, which turns your Magic Rooster Egg, into a multi-person mount.

World of Warcraft: Free Gold from the Trade Channel Trick

While not considered an exploit or a scam, this is definitely rated as a trick. It will allow you to gain gold off users who are selling things in the Trade Channel, and is fairly simple to do.