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FFXIV: Difference between Physical and Class Level

written by Chrono Based on various input we have received, the difference between class and physical level seems to be the source of major confusion for quite a few players. In this post, I will be breaking down the difference

World of Warcraft Dungeon Changes

Blizzard have recently confirmed in Blizzcon 2010 that “all key dungeon quest givers will now be located just inside the dungeon entrance. You will no longer have to beg your party to share their quests with you, or make your

Diablo 3 – Crafting Sanctuary

If you happen to have missed it, these are the second half to all the Diablo III related Videos!

League of Legends: Hotkeys Guide

Chat Commands "Enter" = Toggles chat (default: Send message to allies only) /all or "shift + enter" = Sends message to all players in the game /help = Lists / commands and provides descriptions /surrender = Starts vote for team

Starcraft 2 Terran Strategy: Best counters vs Terran Units

Introduction In Starcraft 2, there is a "best counter" for every unit. In this guide I will give detailed information for Terran players to counter every Starcraft 2 Terran units. Everyone hates mirror matches, you feel like no matter what

Starcraft 2: Joana’s SC2 Guide Spotlight + Preview

Did you know that only 2 Starcraft 2 guides are actually written by real diamond players? The rest of them, just copy and paste from other sites, including from mmoexploiters. One of these guides, written by a true Diamond level

Blizzcon 2010 Starcraft 2 Secrets of the Masters

If you missed the starcraft 2 "Secrets of the Masters" session, from Blizzcon 2010, here are the videos for it. They gave some great info and strategies for those of you who are willing to learn more about the game.

Dungeons & Raids Panel

These are the videos of the Dungeons & Raids Panel from Blizzcon 2010, if you missed them.

Diablo 3 Blizzcon Gameplay Panel

If you happen to have missed it, this is the first half of the videos relating to Diablo 3 from Blizzcon 2010!

Final Fantasy XIV: Lets Talk About Skill Points

written by Chrono When it comes to the mechanics of Final Fantasy 14, a lot of left to the imagination. In particular, there is a lot of confusion over the influence of stat points such as Strength and Intelligence. I

Starcraft 2: Hidden Proxy Pylons for Protoss

The most important part of almost every Protoss Strategy is the ability to build proxy buildings and warping in units near your Pylons. Let’s take a look why this give you a nice advantage:  You may warp in Gateways everywhere without

Darkfall Online: AFK Magic Raising Macro

The following macro, is very general and it's possible this could be made for use in more then just magic, but that would take some fiddling with. This macro was made in AutoHotKey. You will need to download that program,

FFXIV: Fishing Tutorial with Video

written by Blayde707 To fish you must obtain the right equipment. The You must buy a Fishing Rod, a Lure AND bait. There are several different kinds of bait to get, read their description to see which one to choose depending

FFXIV: Macro Guide, and sample scripts

FFXIV's Macro System is like FFXI's Macro System. When you set macros and use reasonably, playing FFXIV will be more efficient. You will have fun when you master the macro settings. Basic information for FFXIV Macros The macro binding CTRL and

Starcraft 2: Mini-Guide to Hardmode Achievements

This is somewhat of a mini-guide to the hardmode achievements of the Starcraft 2 Campaign. These achievements are grouped by mission type – Starting, Artifact, Colonist, Zeratul, Rebellion, Tosh and Final. STARTING Down with Mengsk (Liberation day) Kill every enemy Launcher for Macs – SC2, WC3, D2

This is something of a launcher for the old Diablo II Warcraft 3 and Starcraft Games. Amazingly enough it is specifically made for macs. I am not 100% sure of what OS's of apple it is compatible with, but

Guide to Easy Macroing, Starcraft 2, Evony, WoW, Aion, FFXIV

Several people write me for scripts or tools to use for buffing, enchanting, crafting, or whatever. This tool, with this walkthrough, will explain how you can make your one scripts, EASILY. First, you need to get this program - It

World of Warcraft: Hallows End Guide

The Hallows End event for World of Warcraft has officially started, and it's time you got your title and rewards. Listen, for years now, I have been telling you you need to get this or that, and to buy Zygor's

Aion: Free to Use, Multi-Class Bot

This is a free to use Aion bot. Its free at the moment but its going to become a pay service. So use it now, learn it, and see if you like it. Likely the cost will be $30 a

Drop Rates, and how they apply to item farming

Mathematical probabilities can get a little confusing sometimes. So with that in mind, here is some information: A 1% drop rate means that each individual kill, you have a 1 in 100 chance to see a particular item drop. In other