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Starcraft 2: GSL Gaming League Finals Season 1, Match 2

Here's Match 2, of the Starcraft 2's Season 1 Gaming League's Finals. FruitDealer Vs. Hope Torture. Video courtesy of How good do you have to be, to be in the finals? You have to pass through 7 rounds, paring

Lotro: Ways to earn Turbine Points

written by Greg Fike Earning Turbine Points are a simple but time consuming process. It requires patience and dedication. There are a few ways to achieve this and they are all done via deeds.This article will cover the ways to

Starcraft 2: HMVD Terran guide

This opening establishes map control and opens opportunities for harassment with Hellions followed by Vikings. It protects against pushes with a wall and early Hellions and Marauders. Midgame involves a strong drop at the Zerg natural followed by a transition

Starcraft 2: GSL Gaming League Finals Season 1, Match 1

Here's Match 1, of the Starcraft 2's Season 1 Gaming League's Finals. FruitDealer Vs. Hope Torture. Video courtesy of How good do you have to be, to be in the finals? You have to pass through 7 rounds, paring

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Alchemy 450-525 Guide

These are the 450-525 profession guides. Each guide will also have a link to a corresponding 1-450 leveling guide. For 1-450 leveling, please goto this free Alchemy guide. Horde - Speak with Yelmak in Orgimmar (55.6, 45.8) Alliance - Speak with

StarWars Galaxy: Home Decor exploit

There is a current bug with story teller deco items where if you drop them in your house and pick them up and then redrop them the timer is removed. Seems the galactic moon festival bugged them. They used to

Aeria’s 12Sky2: Earn 42 Million, in less then 60 minutes

This is a guide on how to get lots of money, from nothing! Really! In less then 60 minutes, you can earn upto 42 million... but there is of course a catch... It's a one time thing, can't be repeated.

Starcraft 2 – $27 + S/H

Hey just a quick note, I saw Starcraft 2, for $27. It's a deal for today ONLY. I just saw it, sorry, otherwise would have told you all earlier.

WoW Sale for Game Keys Ends Soon

I confirmed it last night, that the WoW Key sale, at ends tomorrow. It's your last chance to buy some of these keys up, at this low low discounted price. For our VIP Members, I have a special insider

WoW Cataclysm: Powerleveling

As some of you may know, I also own a powerleveling company. We do hand powerleveling in World of Warcraft, and believe it or not, are well trusted. We do some wholesale leveling, for some of the major websites out

World of Warcraft: Winterveil Gold Tips

Each year, I try to remind our VIP members of the goodies to stock up for, for when the Winterveil Event is started. Last year, one member replied that he had "made 3000 gold off of this the first two

Starcraft 2: Battlecruiser Rush build order

This is strictly the way I've been doing a pure Battlecruiser rush. I will later address different ways to add your own style.

Get around phone queue’s which are “Full”

I wanted to order some game codes online, but it seemed to be locked, and I was having technical difficulties on the site. So I decided to call phone support. Phone support, was "FULL" and would not accept new calls.

Exploring 4.0.3a The Shattering

This is just s small exploration video showing some of the new places, or places that you can go to in 4.0.3.

Fly in Azeroth on Ghost Mount – Patch 3.0.5

1. Get yourself killed outside of a new zone 2. Run into new zone as ghost and get teleported back to graveyard. You will not be on flying mount 3. Hover over dead body and resurrect, you can now fly

World of Warcraft: Level 85 Worgen/Goblin 5-7 days after Cata

written by Spitt This isn't really an exploit per se more of a game mechanics cheat. It's based on some news that I recently discovered while perusing the net for more posts. This will allow you to have a Level

Quick Tip: Keeping your computer on for long periods of time

I normally keep my computer on, for a week at a time. I like to put it to sleep at night, move the mouse and have it start up instantly in the morning. I hate waiting for that 10 minute

Zerg Mutalisk Rush

Mutalisks's are some of my favorite units, so I play this strategy a quite a bit. I eventually got good enough to school just about anyone with this one. This is one of the standard builds for Zerg on air and

Allods Online: Double XP

Not a cheat nor exploit, simply a bit of news which was passed on to me. Allods Online, is having a double experience week. Not sure when it was kicked off, but it expires on Dec 1st. Since it normally

Starcraft 2: Beat All 7 Insane AIs In FFA – Strategy

Basically, there's two ways to do this easily. You can either use Terran or Protoss with this strategy. If you are a Zerg player, you can try Protoss to do it, or try to apply the steps, as best you

Diablo 3: Arena Match Video Preview

Here's a video, from the Blizzcon 2010 event, featuring play by play commentary for the Arena 2v2 match system. Looks to be a lot like WoW Arena matches, with a lot less abilities, and similar skills. I really wonder if