Daily Archives: 1 November 2010

Off Topic: Research Marketing Survey

I have a special request, for our readers. One of our members here, is in a marketing class, and he needs people to fill out a survey. The survey can take 10-20 minutes, and is about saving money.  Hoping that

Runes of Magic: Pet Merging Trick

As you know you can merge pets with a similar elemental or non-elemental pet.  This trick will allow you to have higher pets then your own, merge with yours in order to raise a particular stat. You must have a

World of Warcraft: Download Cataclysm, without pre-order

1) Open up your WTF folder found in your root directory 2) Open Launcher.WTF with a text editor (like Notepad) 3) Change: SET accountType "LK" to SET accountType "CT"

Starcraft 2: Unit CheatSheets Printable PDF for Protoss, Zerg, Terran

Print these babies out, for a quick look at what each unit can and cannot do, how long it takes to build them, how many minerals/gas they need, what tech to create them etc. It's a down and dirty way