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WoW: The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm ePub Book

Want to know the story and lore, of what brings us to Cataclysm? Learn why the Cataclysm happens and what part Thrall has in all this mess, and where we will go from here. Description: Thrall, wise shaman and the

Video: MarkeeDragon interviews game analysts

In this video, MarkeeDragon, interviews some MMO game analysts, to see the inside scoop on how they catch gold farmers, cyber bullies, and other nasty elements within games including World of Warcraft. Note: There is mention of an interview with

Final Fantasy XIV: How to Level Up Crafts Quickly

written by Maintain One of the biggest problems that faces players in Final Fantasy 14 is indecision. The real reason the majority of the player base levels their class or craft slowly is because they lack direction.