Daily Archives: 4 November 2010

Runes of Magic: Easy Magic Cavy Farming, 12-14 an hour

This is a great way to farm Magic Cavy's, you will easily be able to farm 14 in an hour. It's a lot easier, with an AOE type of attack, but could be possible to do with non-AoE.  Just remember

LOTRO: Bug – Respawn Nazguel

If you first defeat Nazguel, and then take the reward, when everyone leaves the room you can go back to the old chest and get the engraving. Then when you go back to the altar she will respawn.

Starcraft 2: Terran vs Zerg Strategy & Tactics Guide

Starcraft 2 Terran vs Zerg Strategy Basics The Zerg in Starcraft 2 is a very mobile and quick race, which makes them difficult to play against as a Terran player. In a typical Terran vs Zerg matchup, Zerg will start