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Starcraft 2: Beginner Strategy Guide For Noobs – Part 1: Races

written by Scila Welcome to Scila’s Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide! I’m a rank 12 Diamond Terran player (the highest league) and I want to tell you everything you need to know if you are just starting to play Starcraft 2

League of Legends: Jungle and Jungler Hero Guide

written by Vox A holdover from its DotA roots, League of Legends features a jungle area where neutral creeps spawn. This is an excellent place to get extra gold and experience, as well as the very powerful neutral buffs, but

EVE Online: The Destroyer in PvP – Overview and Tactics

The Destroyer Introduction The destroyer (also called a "dessy") is probably the most overlooked ship in the game. Many point to the thin armor and the low shields and immediately conclude that its a garbage ship. However, these people couldn't