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WoW Gold Price Jump

WOW UPDATE: Blizzard is at it again, gold prices will be rising over the next few days. I would suggest you buy now if you are in the market because we could see prices jump back up to $50+/10k over

Starcraft 2: Beginner Strategy Guide For Noobs – Part 3: Units

Welcome to part 3 of my Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide! This section focuses on how to use and control your units to their best potential. Below are 10 major tips you should use in a typical Starcraft 2 match. Part

World of Warcraft: Pre-Cataclysm Gold Tips

Farm Now Many of the “hot spots” have changed or are gone in Cataclysm. Don’t worry, they pretty much left Outland and Northrend alone. The Defias is no more, so the windmill spot is no longer an option. A couple

Final Fantasy XIV: Guide Gladiator/Thaumaturge Build

written by INikocles, Information by FFXIVCore Forum Members, Contributors Listed at Bottom Hey fellow swordsmen, I'm here to to tell you about the ever popular Gladiator build that incorporates mainly Thaumaturge magics. I've been playing XIV since Open Beta, and