Daily Archives: 10 November 2010

League of Legends Info, and Sites

Spitt found another new game League of Legends, but what kind of game IS it? Here is some game info, and some basic sites to help you if you decide to play League of Legends.

League of Legends: Bypass Server Queue – Unconfirmed Exploit

If you start League of Legends and it says something like: "Server Status Unavailable", or "Server Status Busy" and you cant join, press the grey "PLAY" button and then the following key combination;

Starcraft 2: Maphack for v1.1.3 + Source Code

This maphack, is reported to be working, on the current version of Starcraft 2. This only removes the Fog of War, is not a gas/mineral hack. It is for multi-player usage, and presumably solo play as well.