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Starcraft 2: GSL Season 2 Tournament Finals Set 1 of 7

Tournament Finals BoxeR vs NesTea Set 1 of 7 This is game 1 of 7, in the Global Starcraft 2 League, featuring BoxeR versus NesTea. Boxer is known for being great at micro, where NesTea is great at Macro. Which

Starcraft 2: Vikings, Lord Of The Harass

Throughout Starcraft 2 there's one thing that everyone can do and few actually pull it off and that thing is harassment. When you can remain one degree above your challenger by utilizing harassment strategies, you will probably bag a secure

2 WoW Guides Updated

A couple different WoW guides were updated in the last couple days. This post is for our VIP members who use those guides. They are both in game guides for World of Warcraft, and feature both Alliance and Horde. They

Runescape: RSBot Upgraded to v2.1 – The Reformation

RSBot quickly became the most used Bot of any that has ever been seen. By being free and open RSBot has become a global phenomena with over 10 million downloads and the largest RuneScape cheating community in existence. However, this