Daily Archives: 16 November 2010

Starcraft 2: GSL Season 2 Tournament Finals Set 2 of 7

Tournament Finals BoxeR vs NesTea Set 2 of 7 This is game 2 of 7, in the Global Starcraft 2 League, featuring BoxeR versus NesTea. Boxer is known for being great at micro, where NesTea is great at Macro. Which

Runes of Magic: easy Pet Crafting addon

This addon, will allow you to easily get your pet crafting skills up. It auto searches for the correct tool, and will allow you to use for wood, ore, or herb.

Starcraft 2: Ultralisks the Bringer of Death of the Swarm

In Starcraft 2 Ultralisks are classified as the greatest unit a Zerg player will get in a match. They may be very difficult to tech up to and mutate but upon having them the match will transform to your advantage.

Starcraft 2 Sigs, Free Service

I was searching around, and found a useful little utility, which will allow you to make a sig, with your ladder rank. All you need to do, is goto sc2sig.com, and follow the simple steps, to create your own custom